Board of Selectmen

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The Board of Selectman consists of three elected members and is the community’s principal elected executive board and acts as a collective decision-making body. A majority vote of the Board is required to make binding decisions. An individual Selectman may act independently only if specifically authorized by the Board. The Board of Selectmen has the power to:

  • Determine the Town Meeting Warrant: Calls Town elections and meetings and publishes the warrants; establishes May meeting dates and time and organizes the agenda to be managed by the Town Moderator. The Board is responsible to carrying out Town Meeting authorizations as voted by Tolland citizens.
  • Employ the Town Counsel: Appoints the Town Attorney and directs all legal affairs of the town.
  • Make Appointments to Town Boards and Committees by soliciting volunteers from the community.
  • Sign Warrants for the payment of all Town bills: A majority of the Board signs a warrant of authorization for bills and salaries to be paid by the Treasurer.
  • Grant Licenses and Permits: Acts as the local licensing authority with the ability to issue licenses and permits for special events.
  • Select, employ and manage staff in authorized job positions

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Margaret McClellan Assistant to Selectmen (413) 258-4794

Board Members

Name Title
Eric Munson, Jr. Member (2019)
Patrick Barrett Member (2020)
Steve DellaGiustina Member (2018)