Emergency Management Committee

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The Emergency Management Director is responsible for the following emergency activities:


  • Coordinates and carries out all Emergency Management activities in both emergency and non-emergency time periods ensuring smooth running of the plan and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
  • Coordinates public emergency education/awareness.
  • Develops and maintains the local Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.


  • Oversees the planning and development of basic warning/notification functions.
  • Trains public officials and EOC personnel regarding EOC operations.
  • Designates facilities to be used as EOC and alternate EOC.
  • Consults with coordinators of all individual emergency functions to ensure readiness for management of potential emergency/disasters.


  • Activates EOC and initiates response procedures and activities.
  • Coordinates all Emergency Operations Center (EOC)  activities, and emergency response activities of other agencies, and interfaces with the Incident Command System.


  • Continues and phases out response operations as needed.
  • Initiates recovery activities including damage assessment, compilation of damage assessment data and applying for federal and state disaster relief funds.
  • De-actives Emergency Operations Center

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Staff Contacts

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Jeffrey LaCasse Emergency Management Director