Appointed Officials

Title(s) / Committee or Commission / Dept. Email

Name(s) / Member(s)

American with Disabilities Act Coordinator

Eric Munson, Jr.

Animal Control Officer

Joanne Duval

Animal Inspector

Joanne Duval

Assessor Clerk

Jessica Kelmelis

Asst. to the Selectmen

Margaret McClellan

Asst. Town Clerk

Margaret McClellan

Asst. Treasurer

Susan Voudren

Board of Appeals

E. Patrick Storey. David Spidal. Alternate:

Building Inspector/Zoning Enforcement Officer

Eric Munson, Jr.

Asst. Building Inspector

Robert Sullivan

Broadband Committee

Kevin Donovan, Chair. Mark Orentsein and Dan Duval

Cemetery Commission

Jeffrey LaCasse , Mira Munson, Terri LaCasse, Stephen Strinie, Elaine Strinie


Board of Selectmen. Valerie Bird, Administrator

Conservation Commission

Alan Binder, David Spidal

Valerie Nickerson-Bird, Agent


Eric Munson, Jr.

Council on Aging

Jean Armitage, Jennifer Clark, Ruth Buchanan, Mira Munson, David Spidal, E. Patrick Storey

Cultural Council

Jessica Kelmelis, Andrea DeSanto, Carolyn Dennis, Kelly Clark, Margaret McClellan, Marianne Regan

Dog Officers

Joanne Duval

e-Government Official

Susan Voudren

Electrical Inspector

Jay Reynolds

Election Workers:

Jennifer Clark, Victoria Clarke, Joanne Duval, Marcia Eveland, Frank Fazi, Margaret McClellan, Brenda Richter, Elaine Strinie. ELECTION WARDENS: Jean Armitage, Deputy Clerk, Jean Armitage, Deputy Warden, Election Clerk,  Heidi Cowles, Deputy Election Clerk, Victoria Clarke,  Election Warden, Janice Greene

Emergency Management Director

Jeffrey LaCasse

Finance Committee

Theodore Locke III, Chair (2018), Mira Munson (2019), Margaret McClellan (2016), Cathleen Parzych (2017)

Fire Chief

Eric R. Munson III

Forest Fire Warden

Eric R. Munson III

Gas/Plumbing Inspector

Brian Middleton. Asst. Vacant

Grant Writer


Hazardous Waste Coordinator

Eric R. Munson, III, Fire Chief, Michael Sullivan, Asst Coordinator

Health Agent

Valerie Nickerson-Bird. Jack Conboy, Asst. Health Agent

Highway Superintendent

Edwin Deming

Highway Foreman

Robert Littlefield

Highway Equipment Operator

Adam Hull

Highland Valley Board of Directors

Jean Armitage

Historical Commission

Eric Munson, Jr.  E. Patrick Storey

Library Director

Jessica Kelmelis

Municipal Lighting Plant Director

Kevin Donovan

Pioneer Valley Joint Planning Commission

James Deming. Alternate Commissioner: Vacant

Planning Board Alternate


Plumbing /Gas Inspector

Brian Middleton

Asst. Plumbing Inspector

Mark Levernock

Police Chief

Ed Deming

Police Officers

Sergeant Robert Spiegler. Officers Miguel Santana, Ian Curtiss, . Reserve Officers Robert Hoynoski, Eric R. Munson III

Lester Walker - Retired

Procurement Officer

Edwin Deming

Recreation Committee

Margaret McClellan, Steven DellaGiustina, Vacant.

Registrars of Voters

Patricia Baceski, Jessica Kelmelis, Susan Voudren and Dorothy Toni.

Southwick/Tolland School Commitee

Theodore Locke III (elected 2010). Alternate: Vacant

Superintendent Public Works

Edwin Deming

Town Counsel

Jeremia A. Pollard

Transfer Station Administrator

Valerie Bird

Transfer Station Attendant

Jeffrey Messenger

Tree Warden & Pest Control Agent

Edwin Deming

Unemployment Insurance Agent

Margaret McClellan

Veterans' Agent

Richard Girard

Website Director

Jessica Kelmelis

Workers' Compensation Agent