Conservation Commission

Tolland Conservation Commission Mission Statement:

The Tolland Conservation Commission takes seriously its responsibilities and would like to clarify its intentions as per any RDA or NOI requests that are heard.

The Commission has jurisdiction over any project that falls within 100 feet of any wetland, intermittent stream, pond or lake and 200 feet of any riverfront project and strives to protect these resources from runoff or pollution of any kind. The excess cutting of trees or shrubs reduces needed shade for bodies of water and destroys the vegetation buffer that helps absorb nutrients in runoff. The placement of a silt fence on any project is meant to protect the resources and should not be removed under any circumstances unless authorized by the Conservation Commission at the completion of work.

The Conservation Commission follows the rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and does not impose these rules to be punitive, rather to protect our precious resources for ourselves, and future generations. With that in mind, we only support the cutting of trees when they do not cause a negative impact to the resource area that they border. Under no circumstance do we support the clear cutting of any property.

Orders of Condition are expected to be followed exactly as written as they are intended to protect the resource area. If there are questions about any Orders, please check with the Commission for guidance.

Regulated Activities include:

  • all construction and landscaping as it affects wetlands and endangered species
  • logging
  • planting
  • dock construction
  • beach building and maintenance

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Staff Contacts

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Valerie Nickerson-Bird Health Agent (413) 258-4794 Ext. 127

Commission Members

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Alan Binder Member
David Spidal Member