Police Department

Call 911 for Emergency! No matter the emergency you face, please call 911. Trained emergency dispatchers will dispatch the appropriate department to you. Do not call officers at their homes.

About the Tolland Police Department

The Tolland Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency in Tolland but works closely with the Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts Environmental Police, and MDC Police as well as our border town police departments of Sandisfield, Granville, Otis and Blandford. Tolland police officers are all certified police officers in the Commonwealth. Three officers are certified through the reserve intermittent academy and one through the full time academy. All officers stay current on in-service training and in legal update as well as First Responder and CPR. All officers are recertified twice yearly in the use of firearms and on a rotating basis attend emergency vehicle operation training. All officers are certified in the use of traffic radar, field sobriety testing and the use of portable breath testing equipment and station breathalyzer machines.

Currently the Tolland Police Department has one 2001 Ford Expedition for patrol and utilizes two four wheelers and two snowmobiles for patrols and rescues in the vast trail and wooded sections of Tolland. The four wheelers and snowmobiles where purchased with the use of grants obtained by the Tolland Police Department. The cruiser is equipped with standard equipment for law enforcement and medical emergencies and also has a mobile data terminal for officers to perform records checks on vehicles and individuals while out in the field.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ed Deming Police Chief 413-258-4794 ext 107
Robert Spiegler Sergeant
Miguel Santana Officer
Ian Curtiss Officer
Eric Munson III Reserve Officer
Robert Hoynoski Reserve Officer
Lester Walker Retired