Finance Committee

About Us

The Finance Committee is a representative group of taxpayers appointed by the Board of Selectmen who serve as the fiscal watchdog for the Tolland taxpayers. Responsibilities are to:

  • Advise and make recommendations to the Town Meeting on the budget and other areas of finance.
  • Prepare the Annual Budget
    • Determine estimated receipts the Town will receive over the coming fiscal year to assist in determining available budget dollars.
    • Receive input from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Assessor, Town Treasurer and appropriate other local officials.
    • Review each Department Head's annual budget request
    • Meet with individual Department Heads to understand details about the funding requests and aid in setting priorities
    • Recommend budget amounts to the Board of Selectmen based on priorities that must be established within limited town financial resources
  • Conduct Town Meeting to review proposed Receipts and Budget Expenses with citizens and receive their input on priorities and to answer relevant questions.

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Committee Members

Name Title
Ted Locke Chair
Mira Munson Member
Margaret McClellan Member
Ralph Ledger Member
Cathleen Parzych Member