Building Forms and Checklists: Alphabetical List

Some documents are fillable pdf forms and some interactive Word documents. All documents must be saved and named before completing using a computer.


When to Use


ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY BUILDING PROJECT REQUIREMENT A PERMIT. Building Project Approvals and Permit Control Sheet to be signed off on by each approving official or department in succession on the form. Completed form with approvals must be submitted to the Building Department with application for Building Permit. Incomplete control sheet will preclude issue of Building Permit

Building Permit Application - Fillable Form

Requirements and form to apply for Building Permit to Construct, Repair or Renovate One or Two-Family_Dwellings or Accessory Buildings or Structures.. Includes installation of windows, roof, or siding and construction of Accessory Buildings (detached) structures such as sheds 120 sq. ft or larger, garages, swimming pools, etc.

Submission Documents Checklist for New Construction of Dwelling or Building

Checklist used to assure all minimum requirements are met for a Building Permit for new construction of a Dwelling or Building.

Submission Documents Checklist for Additions, Decks, Repairs or Renovations

Submission and construction requirements for renovating or adding to an existing structure.

Conservation Forms

Forms as required and requested by Conservation Commission to assure Wetlands Protection Act requirements are met.

Contractor Requirements Table

Mass. Building Code establishes requirements for when you need a contractor.

Debris Removal Submission Form - Fillable Form

Application to remove debris when construction of any size construction that results in disposable items from the job. would have disposal items. Includes construction or removal materials such as wood, concrete, roofing shingles, metal, fixtures, etc.

Driveway and Drainage Permit Application

Application to construct or renovate a driveway and develop drainage facilities. Must be approved and signed by Tolland Highway Superintendent to receive Building Permit. Relevant Zoning Bylaw provisions follow the form.

Energy Conservation Interactive Tool New Construction and Additions

Complete this online energy conservation tool and print the result. Submit with Building Permit Application. REQUIRED for new construction to determine compliance with Mass. Energy Conservation regulations.

Homeowner License Exemption - Fillable form

Requirements and application for Permit to install electrical or plumbing systems when doing the work themselves.

Inspection Requirements and Contacts

Requirements for the sequence of various inspections necessary to comply with Massachusetts Building Code and receive a Certificate of Occupancy. Contact information for all inspectors

Modular Homes and Buildings:
Additional Requirements

Modular or pre-built homes and buildings have requirements in addition to those application requirements and inspections required for a Building Permit

Septic System (Disposal Works) Requirements and Application Forms

Information and forms necessary to obtain permits to construct septic systems. Must be approved and signed by Health Agent.

Sheet Metal Permit - Fillable Form

Required when installing metal duct work in new construction or renovation or other work requiring sheet metal.

Trench Information - Massachusetts

Definitions and descriptions of trenches and permit requirements from Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Trench Permit Application - Fillable Form

Application for Permit to dig a trench.

Site Plan Review Application - Fillable Form

Requirements and form to apply for Building Permit for new dwellings or buildings

Solid Burning Fuels Stove FAQ's - Massachusetts

Questions about purchase and installation of solid burning fuels appliances from Mass. Dept. of Public Safety

Solid Burning Fuels Stove Application - Fillable Form

Checklist with criteria for safe installation of solid fuel burning stoves including wood stoves, pellet stoves, etc.

Special Permit Application - Fillable Form

Application for submission to the to Planning Board for Land Uses requiring a Special Permit under the Tolland Zoning Bylaw.


Use to appeal a Planning Board decision with the Board of Appeals.

Well Construction Permit Application - Fillable Form

Application to construct or renovate a well. Must be approved and signed by Health Agent. Application not available online. Request from Health Agent.

Workers' Compensation Affidavit - Partially Fillable Form. Print to complete check boxes.

Required to demonstrate that contractor has Workers' Compensation insurance. Building Permit cannot be issued without this evidence.