Covid-19 Reminders for Second Homeowners and All Property Owners in Tolland

With the warm weather returning, the Tolland Board of Selectmen is aware that there may be more people planning on traveling to their summer homes here in Tolland. It is vitally important that second home owners understand that there are guidelines in place that need to be followed in order for their properties to be used. Anyone traveling into Massachusetts from out of state will need to self-quarantine for 14 days and anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 is asked to not enter the state. This is a request that was put in place by Governor Baker on March 27th and is supported by the Tolland Select Board. Please take into consideration that Tolland does not operate an ambulance service and that there are few hospitals in our response area. The Board also requests that anyone coming into Tolland to their second homes bring all supplies needed for the duration of their stay. After a self-quarantine period, do not forget that masks and face coverings in public is mandatory in Massachusetts. Covid-19 Order #31 can be read here:

The Board would also like to remind all who own homes in Tolland that there is a specific order in place regulating lodging which includes the rental of homes for short term purposes, in other words, vacation rentals. Covid-19 Order #13 states that “occupancy of lodging for leisure, vacation, and other purposes may not continue”. Lodging may be offered to essential workers but not vacationers. The complete order can be read here:

The bottom line here is to stay safe, care for your neighbors and help each other out.