Broadband Update January 2022

Broadband Update January 2022

Eversource and Verizon are working to complete the make-ready work in town. The work consists of Eversource replacing approximately 60 poles, some with transformers.  You can see them around town on a daily basis working to complete their part of the project. They were delayed during the hurricane season by 3-4 weeks as they assisted in Louisiana during the mid to late summer, the latest from one of their crew is pole replacement is near completion and dependent on weather conditions moving forward.

Verizon has been moving their cables in order to make room for the placement of Comcast fiber on each pole. All this work is dependent on weather conditions and we do not have a firm date on its completion, however, once complete, Comcast will be start attaching their fiber.  Comcast completed the installation of fiber in the conduit on Schoolhouse Road in early November.

I am meeting with Comcast in the next couple of weeks to discuss the network build progress. While I do not have any firm dates for the first homes going live, I believe it will be in our near future, but it can’t come soon enough.

Kevin Donovan

Broadband Committee Chair