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Tolland Chapter 40 B Comprehensive Permit Application Process
Town of Tolland, Massachusetts

Application and for Comprehensive Permit (Sub-Division)
Pursuant to
MGL Chapter 40B, Sections 20 – 23 and 760 CMR 30.00 & 31.00


Application forms are available at the Board of Appeals Office, Tolland Town Hall, 241 West Granville Road, Tolland, MA 01034-9403 or click to  Download Application for Comprehensive Permit

Fifteen (15) completed application forms along with all required information and materials must be submitted with the application.  Failure to supply required information is sufficient reason for a denial of your request.  It is strongly recommended that all applications be reviewed by the Planning Board prior to clocking in at the Town Clerk’s Office to ensure a complete application submittal.

Completed applications must be submitted to the Town Clerk to be time and date stamped. One (1) copy shall remain with the Town Clerk and the other fourteen (14) copies shall immediately be filed with the Board of Appeals Office along with all required materials and a check payable to the Town of Tolland for the applicable filing fee.  The fee schedule for a Comprehensive Permit is as follows;

                Type of Organization            Fee per Unit
Limited Dividend                         $12.00
Non-Profit                                $  6.00
Public Agencies                   $  3.00

The Board of Appeals shall hold a Public Hearing on the completed Application in thirty (3) days of its receipt, or such other time frame mutually agreed upon by the Board and the Applicant.  The Board may request the appearance at the Hearing of representatives of local officials and of the Applicant it considers necessary or helpful in reviewing the Application.  In making its decision, the Board shall take into consideration the recommendations of local officials, agencies, other Boards and Commissions.  The Hearing shall be held at the date, time and place established by the Chair, Board of Appeals.

The Board shall render a decision, based on a majority vote of the Board, within forty (40) days after the termination of the Public Hearing, unless such time period is extended by written agreement of the Board and the Applicant.  The decision is filed with the Town Clerk and there is an Appeal Period of twenty (2) days from the date of filing.  Any person aggrieved may appeal within that time period to the Court as provided in M.G.L. c40A,s;17 or the Applicant may appeal to the Housing Appeals Committee as provided in M.G.L . ll c.40B,s 22.

After the appeal period has elapsed, and if not appeal has been filed, the Town Clerk shall certify the decision.  That certified decision must be recorded at the Hamden County Registry of Deeds to take effect.  The rights granted under the Comprehensive Permit shall lapse unless they are exercised with three (3) years of the date of the certified decision.

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