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Board of Selectmen minutes 8/21/17
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:        Eric R. Munson, Jr. and Steven DellaGiustina

Also Present:     
                          Pat Storey
                         Ed Deming
                         Jim Deming, Planning Board
                         Valerie Bird, Board of Health
                         Jonah Spear, Camp Wonderful
                         Kelsey Burns, Camp Wonderful
                         Davio Danielson, Friends of Dance New England
                         Jason Cohen, Forestdance

Johan Spear and Kelsey Burns update the Board on the Camp Wonderful event scheduled for August 25th- 27th. The board received copies of liability insurance from both Friends of Dance New England and Camp Wonderful. Trash is being removed from the property by Master Garbologist every Tuesday. There will be security within the event and a nurse and lifeguard on site. Event permit was issued. Valerie verified that Camp Wonderful had fulfilled state requirements for Servsafe. The Board of Selectmen gave one condition as to no amplified music after 11:00PM. Event permit was given.

Jason Cohen – Forestdance event August 30 – Sept 4th.  Jason gave an explanation of the event. The key activity of this event is the all night fire circle, which runs for three full nights from midnight until dawn. There is no amplified music. The music is very dynamic with drumming that peaks into singing and story sharing. During the day workshops will be offered. Steve stated that all night drumming is an issue. Jason responded that drums will be moved to the main field to help with the noise. It had also been stated that it is not a constant drumming. Jason mentioned Tolland not having a noise ordinance. Jim Deming clarified that there is one stated in the Zoning bylaws. It had been suggested that drapes be hung within the woods to block some of the noise. Forestdance was also verified by Valerie and met Servsafe requirements. The Board agreed to issue an event permit and will address the event if there are reported issues.

Valerie addressed the concerns with 115 Covell Road. The property is current condemned. If it is proven that the property owner is living there the next step would be to file in housing court. Valerie will discuss with Tolland’s legal counsel and move forward.

The Board of Selectmen appointed Joanne Duval as Inspector of Animals.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15PM
Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, Jr.  
Steven DellaGiustina                    
Board of Selectmen

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