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Board of Selectmen minutes 6/19/17

Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:        Eric R. Munson, Jr., Steven DellaGiustina and Thomas Paine

Also Present:     Wes Greene
Wes voiced that the Tolland Highway repair potholes located on Colebrook River Road.

2018 appointments:
           Animal Control Officer:~ Joanne Duval

Animal Inspector:~ Joanne Duval

Assistant Town Clerk:~ Margaret McClellan

Assistant Treasurer:~ Susan Voudren

Conservation Commission
          Alan Binder
          David Spidel  

           Valerie Nickerson, Agent

Council on Aging
                     Jean Armitage,       3rd year of 3 year term
                     Jennifer Clark         2ndt year of 2 year term
                     Ruth Buchanan     2nd year of 2 year term
                     Mira Munson,         3rd year of 3 year term
                     David Spidal,          3rd year of 3 year term
                     E. Patrick Storey,   1st year of 3 year term

Finance Advisory Committee: (5 Year term)
Theodore Locke III, Chair  (2018)
Ralph Ledger  (2020)
Mira Munson  (2019)
Margaret McClellan  (2021)
Cathleen Parzych  (2022)
          Grant Writer
Health Agent:~ Valerie Nickerson

~Assistant Board of Health Agent: John Conboy
Historical Commission:
Eric Munson, Jr.
Thomas E. Paine
E. Patrick Storey

Recreation Committee
Margaret McClellan
Steven DellaGiustina

Southwick Tolland School Committee
~~~~~~~~~~~  Theodore Locke III
       School Committee Alternate:~ Vacancy
Workers' Compensation Agent:~ M.I.I.A.

Building Inspector/Zoning Enforcement Officer:~ Eric Munson, Jr.
~~~~~~~~~~~ Alternate Building Inspector:~ Robert Sullivan
~~~~~~~~~~~ Alternate Building Inspector:~ Dominic Urbinati

Cemetery Committee:
Mira Munson
Jean Jinks
Roy Jinks
Jeff LaCasse

Constables:   Eric Munson, Jr.

Electrical Inspector: Jay (Joseph) Reynolds
            Alternate Robert Kimberley

Fire Chief:~ Eric R. Munson III

Forest Fire Warden   Eric R. Munson III

Gas Inspector
    Hazardous Waste Coordinator    Michael Sullivan
    Assist. Hazardous Waste Coordinator:~ Eric R. Munson, III
Highland Valley Board of Directors:~ Jean Armitage
~Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

~Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

Joint Transportation Committee Commission:~ James Deming
Alternate Commissioner:~ Kathleen Cowles

Planning Board
          Alternate Jeff LaCasse

Plumbing Inspector:~
             Plumbing Inspector:~ Brian Middleton

Police Chief:~ Edwin Deming
Police Officer:~ Sargent Lester Walker
                         Officer Miguel Santana
~~                                   Christopher Jackson
Reserve Officer:           Eric R. Munson, III
                                    Robert Spiegler
                                    Christopher Driscoll
Superintendent of Public Works:~ Edwin Deming
          Chief Procurement Officer:           Edwin Deming
Town Counsel:~ Jeremia A. Pollard

Transfer Station Administrator   Joanne Duval
Tree Warden and Pest Control Agent:~ Edwin Deming
Unemployment Insurance Agent:~ Margaret McClellan
Website Delegate:~ Kevin Donovan
           Committee Member: Mark Orenstein
Zoning Board of Appeals
E. Patrick Storey
          David Spidal
Gerald Manion
Board of Appeals Associate:  Steven Strinie

Meeting adjourned at 6:20PM
Respectfully submitted,
Thomas Paine

_________________             __________________               _______________
   Eric R. Munson, Jr.              Steven DellaGiustina                  Thomas Paine  

                                                Board of Selectmen

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