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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 07/25/16

Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:        Eric R. Munson, Jr., Steven DellaGiustina and Thomas Paine

Also Present:     Ed Deming, Police Chief & DPW Superintendent
                         Valerie Bird, Board of Health Agent

                         Jeremia Pollard, Legal Counsel via telephone

The Board of Selectmen requested clarification in regards to how and if the Tolland Police Department will handle trespass calls within WPOA. Jeremia stated that the Tolland Police Department should not be enforcing WPOA’s bylaws. If a WPOA resident is on WPOA property and is aware that the WPOA bylaws don’t allow them to be there, it is WPOA’s internal security’s issue.

Valerie informed the board that she will be appearing in Housing Court on Monday, August 1 to discuss the failure to board and secure property located at 1200 Hartland Road.

Ed questioned who is responsible for servicing the Fire Department’s “porta pottys” after use? The Selectboard stated that the “users” is responsible.

Ed spoke with Jeff Messenger about adding and changing the Transfer Station hours. Jeff was not in favor of the change. The current hours will remain.

Valerie mentioned that she had received an email from Charles Clines of MassDEP with concerns that the Transfer Station’s 3rd party inspection has not been completed. Eric will discuss the inspection requirement with Joanne Duval.

Ed, Police Chief explained why the Police Department Salary account was in a deficit for Fiscal 2016. Ed explained that he thought he had been on budget but miscalculated.
Steven stated that in the future he and every department head needs to track their budgets so that a deficit does not happen.

Library bids (siding/windows & ext trim) will be opened on Monday, August 22nd at 5PM.

2017 appointments:
  Animal Control Officer:~ Joanne Duval

Animal Inspector:~ Joanne Duval

Assistant Town Clerk:~ Margaret McClellan

Assistant Treasurer:~ Susan Voudren

Conservation Commission
          Alan Binder
          David Spidel  

           Valerie Nickerson, Agent

Council on Aging
                     Jean Armitage,       2nd year of 3 year term
                     Jennifer Clark         1st year of 3 year term
                     Ruth Buchanan     1st year of 3 year term
                     Mira Munson,         2nd year of 3 year term
                     David Spidal,          2nd year of 3 year term
                     E. Patrick Storey,   3rd year of 3 year term

Finance Advisory Committee: (5 Year term)
Theodore Locke III, Chair  (2018)
Ralph Ledger  (2020)
Mira Munson  (2019)
Margaret McClellan  (2021)
Cathleen Parzych  (2017)
Grant Writer
Health Agent:~ Valerie Nickerson
Historical Commission:
Eric Munson, Jr.
Thomas E. Paine
E. Patrick Storey

Recreation Committee
Margaret McClellan
Steven DellaGiustina

Southwick Tolland School Committee
~~~~~~~~~~~  Theodore Locke III
       School Committee Alternate:~ Vacancy
Workers' Compensation Agent:~ M.I.I.A.

Building Inspector/Zoning Enforcement Officer:~ Eric Munson, Jr.
~~~~~~~~~~~ Alternate Building Inspector:~ Robert Sullivan

Cemetery Committee:
Mira Munson
Jean Jinks
Roy Jinks
Jeff LaCasse

Constables:   Eric Munson, Jr.

Electrical Inspector: Jay (Joseph) Reynolds
            Alternate Robert Kimberley
Emergency Management Director:~ Theodore Locke, III

Fire Chief:~ Eric R. Munson III

Forest Fire Warden   Eric R. Munson III

Gas Inspector
    Hazardous Waste Coordinator    Michael Sullivan
    Assist. Hazardous Waste Coordinator:~ Eric R. Munson, III

Highland Valley Board of Directors:~ Jean Armitage
~Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

~Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

Joint Transportation Committee Commission:~ James Deming
Alternate Commissioner:~ Kathleen Cowles

Planning Board
          Alternate Shawn Shaw

Plumbing Inspector:~
             Plumbing Inspector:~ Brian Middleton

Police Chief:~ Edwin Deming
Police Officer:~ Sargent Lester Walker
                         Officer Miguel Santana
~~                                   Christopher Jackson
Reserve Officer:            Eric R. Munson, III
                                     Dana Beardsley
                                      Christopher Driscoll
                                     Robert Spiegler
                                     Christopher Provost

Special Police Officers:  Ronald Minor
                                      Scott Flebotte
                                      Patrick Winslaw
Superintendent of Public Works:~ Edwin Deming

Town Counsel:~ Jeremia A. Pollard

Transfer Station Administrator   Joanne Duval
Tree Warden and Pest Control Agent:~ Edwin Deming
~Unemployment Insurance Agent:~ Margaret McClellan
Website Delegate:~ Kevin Donovan
          Committee Member: Danny Duval
                                            Hannah Gangaware
                                            Myles Trachtenberg
                                             Mark Orenstein
Zoning Board of Appeals
          E. Patrick Storey
Dan Rego
David Spidal
Jerry Mannion

Election Workers

Jean Armitage
Penelope Babbitt
Theodore Babbitt
Jennifer Clark
Victoria Clarke
Joanne Duval
Frank Fazi
Margaret McClellan
Margee O’Meara
Peter Sullivan
Richard Toni
Shirely Warner
Jennifer Zerra
Heidi Cowles

Election Warden :  Janice Greene

Registrar of Voters:  Patricia Baceski, Jessica Kelmelis, Dorothy Toni and Susan Voudren

Meeting adjourned at 8:00PM
Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, Jr.   
Steven DellaGiustina  
Thomas Paine  
Board of Selectmen

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