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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 09/08/14
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland

MINUTES OF SELECTMEN MEETING –  September 8, 2014 5:00 PM

Selectmen Present:        Eric R. Munson, Jr., Steven DellaGiustina and Thomas Paine

Also Present:        Wes Greene
                             Bernard Henrichson
                             Ed Deming
                             Miguel Santana
                             Alan Moore
                             Bruce Ellison
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Wes Greene has been contracted by Bernard Henrichson of 16 Meadow Drive to improve the conditions of his driveway. Wes requested clarification of the location of Tolland’s “right of way”. Wes and Mr. Henrichson were given an overview of the history of the Tolland’s “right of way”.  Mr. Henrichson was given the option of returning the driveway back to its original condition or relocating the driveway off of the town’s “right of way”.

Officer Miguel Sanata met with the Board of Selectmen. Miguel stated that he is also a Police Officer in the town of West Stockbridge.

Alan Moore and Bruce Ellison offered the ownership of church and its property to the Town of Tolland. Along with ownership of the church there will be a transfer of funds to be used to maintain the property. They have requested that the carriage house also be maintained. Alan stated that an average electric bill for the property is $32/mth and monthly insurance is $246. Cash Value of $57,000 and in stocks and bonds $75,000. The Board of Selectmen will schedule a hearing and a Special Town Meeting.  

Ed stated that a measurement error was made in determining the width of Colebrook River Road for the paving bid. With having the corrected measurement of 23’ wide it will reduce the cost of the project bringing the bid within the approved Chapter 90 request of $264,114.00. Legal counsel was contacting to be sure that all procurement requirements had been met. Legal advised that in this case since only one bid package was requested and only one bid was received that Tolland could move forward with the bid as presented. Eric made motion of accept the bid of $286,254 from Lane Construction, Steve seconded.

Foresight Land Services presented the Selectboard with a proposal to perform services during the construction phase of Route 57.
The proposal includes:    submittal, testing, pay requisition, FRI and change order review
                                        Preconstruction Meeting
                                        Periodic Construction Observation and Geotechnical Engineer
The board agreed to the proposal and the funds will be expended from the $25,000 that was voted to be transferred from Stabilization at town meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30PM
Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, Jr.
Steven DellaGiustina  
Thomas Paine  
Board of Selectmen

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