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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 07/14/14
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:        Eric R. Munson, Jr., Steven DellaGiustina and Thomas Paine

Also Present:        Jessica Kelmelis
                             Ed Deming
                              Michael Sullivan

Bid opening for the sale of a 2001 Ford Expedition:

Town of Blandford - $3,990.00
East Hartland Volunteer Fire Department - $2,750.00

Motion was made by Steve to award the bid to the Town of Blandford, Tom seconded. The board voted unanimously to award the bid to the Town of Blandford.
Jessica reported to the board that most new email addresses have not been set up. Jessica requested a deadline of September 1. The board agreed with the deadline.

Ed was asked on the status of the Colebrook River Road project. Ed stated that he needs to submit the notification in the Central Register.

Received an email from Whitney Bonadies, accepting the Selectboards offer of the assessed value of 72 acre ($162,400). A Special Town Meeting will be scheduled for Monday, July 28th. The ballot question if approved at the Special Town Meeting will be placed on the state primary ballot on September 9th.

The Board of Selectmen approved of the following Tattler guidelines:

The Two Tattlers

Two versions of the Tolland Tattler will be available starting with the September issue. If timing is right with printing, this could begin in August.

1. A printed Tattler will be mailed to every Tolland household.
2. The electronic version will continue to be available at the Tolland website for all who prefer to read it on line:
• Available from the Home Page menu under Tolland Tattler
• Announced through the email distribution list to those who have signed up for electronic Tattler notification. Note: You may sign up for electronic distribution using the EMAIL SUBSCRIBER button on the lower right bottom of the website Home Page.

There is a new deadline and new formats for information to be submitted.
All information must be received by the 20th of the previous month of publication, and copy that is not received by the 20th will NOT be included unless the Board of Selectmen determine that the Tattler be delayed for its inclusion.
• Information must be typed and emailed to:
• Articles may contain pertinent photography in black & white only and will be used as space permits or at the discretion of the editor.
• “Letters to the Editor” will be published with approval of the Board of Selectmen.
• Articles will primarily include Tolland news and information, and if space is available relevant news and information from the neighboring towns of Granville, Sandisfield, Otis and Blandford.
• All personal information (graduations, marriages, births, congratulations, etc) will be included in a special “Personals” column and cannot contain more than a 30 character listing. These notices may include link addresses to websites or facebook pages. Personals that do not conform will not be published.
• Notices may not include medical information, commercial, sales, religious or fundraising information.
• All inappropriate material will be excluded.

2015 appointments:
(3 Year Term)
Animal Control Officer:~ Joanne Duval

Animal Inspector:~ Joanne Duval

Assistant Town Clerk:~ Margaret McClellan

Assistant Treasurer:~ Susan Voudren

Conservation Commission
          Alan Binder
          David Spidel  

           Valerie Nickerson, Agent

Council on Aging
          Jean Armitage,       1st year of 3 year term
          Jennifer Clark         2nd year of 2 year term
           Ruth Buchanan     2nd year of 2 year term   
           Mira Munson,         1st year of 3 year term
          David Spidal,          1st year of 3 year term  
           E. Patrick Storey,   2nd year of 3 year term

Finance Advisory Committee:
Theodore Locke III, Chair  (2018)
Ralph Ledger  (2020)
Mira Munson  (2014)
Margaret McClellan  (2016)
Cathleen Parzych  (2017)
Grant Writer
Phil Grannan

Health Agent:~ Valerie Nickerson
Historical Commission:
Eric Munson, Jr.
Thomas E. Paine
E. Patrick Storey

Recreation Committee
Margaret McClellan
Steven DellaGiustina

Southwick Tolland School Committee
~~~~~~~~~~~  Theodore Locke III
       School Committee Alternate:~ Vacancy
Tattler Editor:~ Jean Jinks
Workers' Compensation Agent:~ M.I.I.A.

(1 Year Term)

Building Inspector/Zoning Enforcement Officer:~ Eric Munson, Jr.
~~~~~~~~~~~ Alternate Building Inspector:~ Robert Sullivan
~~~~~~~~~~~ Alternate Building Inspector:~ Dominic Urbinati

Cemetery Committee:
Mira Munson
Jean Jinks
Roy Jinks
Jeff LaCasse

Constables:   Eric Munson, Jr.

Electrical Inspector: Jay (Joseph) Reynolds

Emergency Management Director:~ Theodore Locke, III

Fire Chief:~ Michael Sullivan

Forest Fire Warden   Michael Sullivan

Gas Inspector
    Hazardous Waste Coordinator    Michael Sullivan
    Assist. Hazardous Waste Coordinator:~ Eric R. Munson, III

Highland Valley Board of Directors:~ Jean Armitage

~Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
Joint Transportation Committee Commission:~ James Deming
Alternate Commissioner:~ Vacancy

Planning Board
          Alternate Shawn Shaw

Plumbing Inspector:~
             Plumbing Inspector:~ Brian Middleton

Police Chief:~ Edwin Deming
Police Officer:~ Senior Officer Lester Walker
                         Officer Charles Whiting
~~                                    Kyrsten Scapin
Reserve Officer:             Eric R. Munson, III
                                     Dana Beardsley

Special Police Officers:  Resario Messina
                                      Michael Morrison
Superintendent of Public Works:~ Edwin Deming

Town Counsel:~ Jeremia A. Pollard

Transfer Station Administrator   Joanne Duval
Tree Warden and Pest Control Agent:~ Edwin Deming
Unemployment Insurance Agent:~ Margaret McClellan
Website Director:~ Gloria Gery
Zoning Board of Appeals
David Barney
          Billy Walker
          E. Patrick Storey

Board of Appeals Associate
M. Steven Bartels

Meeting adjourned at 6:30PM
Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, Jr.
Steven DellaGiustina   
Thomas Paine  
Board of Selectmen

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