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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 04/22/13
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:        Eric R. Munson, Jr., Steven DellaGiustina and Thomas Paine

Also Present:   Susan Voudren, Town Clerk
                     Ed Deming, DPW Superintendent
                     Kristen O’Brien
                     Jeffrey LaCasse
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Susan requested authorization to leave the Public Safety Complex Training room set up for the town election on June 18th through the state election on June 23rd. The state advised Town Clerk’s that they would be able to hire 16 & 17 year olds to work the election if needed with certain conditions. Authorization granted.

Susan Voudren, Town Clerk asked why she didn’t receive a response to her letter requesting to meet with the Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen to discuss the Town Clerks/ Fiscal 2014 budget. The Fiscal 2014 budget request included a salary for an Assistant Town Clerk.

Susan also voiced her feelings on the Town Clerk’s present salary ($5,798.90). A compensation study was conducted and reported a proposed salary range minimum of $17.56/hourly Mid-Point $19.51/hourly Maximum $27.22/hourly.

The Selectboard stated that they have not yet reviewed the study to determine salaries for Fiscal 2014.

Lawn quotes were opened: LaCasse Land Management $7,930. Billy Walker and Bergeron quotes were not received for review. A quote of $5,645 was submitted from Gary O’Brien but was not requested by the Board of Selectmen. Legal Counsel will be consulted on the legality of the quotes.

Cemetery quotes were opened: LaCasse Land Management $9,375. & C.W. Nelson $16,910

The quotes will be discussed at the next Board of Selectmen’s meeting.

Received quotes from VFIS on additional insurance coverage for the Tolland Police and Volunteer Fire Department. The quotes will be reviewed additional and will depend on available monies.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30PM
Respectfully submitted,
Thomas Paine

Eric R. Munson, Jr.  
Steven DellaGiustina     
Thomas Paine  
Board of Selectmen

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