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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 01/08/07
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:     Eric R. Munson, Jr. and Steven DellaGiustina

Carolyn Locke, Tolland Public Library, Trustee Chairman, asked when the floor of the Library will be reinforced. Eric stated that before they can go forward with the floor the basement must be cleaned out. The Highway Superintendent will look at the floor to see if something can be done. Carolyn also asked about the exterior of Tolland Library (i.e. clapboards and painting). The building will be looked at and will need to be put out for bid if any work is necessary.

Wesley Greene II requested the replacement of the stop sign on the corner of Rivers and Colebrook River Road. Wesley stated that he has almost been hit several times with people not stopping at the end of Rivers Road. The Highway Superintendent will be asked to replace the sign.

Wesley spoke about an incident regarding the windshield of his truck being broke while traveling down Colebrook River Road.  When traveling in opposite directions passed a log truck in which the truck broke a limb which landed on Wes’s windshield. Wesley is requesting the town to continue limb cutbacks. It was stated that the town will continue cutbacks (dead trees and regular cutbacks) and will include it as a line item in DPW’s budget every year. Bartlett Tree Experts were in town last month removing several trees that were tagged by The Board of Selectmen. (trees that may come down and remove the power lines)

Wes requested that trash be removed from the roadsides. The Highway Superintendent will be asked to pick up the roadside trash.

Wesley asked about the Tolland Police Department patrolling. The Board stated that the Police Department was out patrolling a couple of days last month.

Lastly, Wes asked about the brightness of the sign located at the Emergency Complex. Steve had a conversation with Robert Littlefield, Working Forman regarding the bulbs, but will speak to the Highway Superintendent.

James Joyce commented on the poor condition of Schoolhouse Road between West Granville Road (route 57) and his house. Eric stated that one of the reasons may be that there was a problem with the agreement between MDC and the Town of Tolland which did not allow the town to remove any materials. The agreement has since been resolved. The Board of Selectmen will discuss the condition of all dirt roads with the Highway Superintendent. Mr. Joyce asked if the board has a plan to keep the roads in good condition. The Board of Selectmen feels that the DPW is under staffed in order to get the condition of all the roads to where they should be. The board will be discussing a plan for the upcoming year with Wayne.

The Board of Selectmen appointed Robert Maselek to service as the Chairman for the Council on Aging.

Joanne Duval, Trash Compactor Committee received a call from the Highway Superintendent asking what to do with paperwork (Annual Solid Waste Report) that was received from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Joanne called and was told that the paperwork has not been filled out since calendar year 2003. The Town of Tolland could be fined retroactive $1,000 for every day. The Commonwealth is requesting information immediately from calendar years 2005 and 2006 and may even ask for 2004. Joanne will fill out all necessary paperwork. Also, an inspection of the Transfer Station is required. Joanne will schedule the inspection.

Meeting adjourned 7:35PM
Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, Jr
James Deming
Steven DellaGiustina
Board of Selectmen

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