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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 11/06/05
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:      James Deming and Steven DellaGiustina

Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as read.

Two Public Hearing Notices received, for the purpose of an entrance sign to be place at the rear entrance of Wildwood, Hartland Road and at the Wildwood entrance near the intersection of Beetle Road and Meadow Road. Board took notice under advisement.

Working hours for the Tolland Highway Department will change to 6:30AM – 2:30PM.

Received an email from Jean Armitage of Lakeside Drive thanking the board for completing the paving of Beetle Road.

Wesley Greene asked why the sign located at the Tolland Highway Garage needed to be lit. The board felt that it would be easier to read this time of the year. The possibility of toning the sign down by either removing a bulb or reducing the watts of the bulbs will be looked into. Wes was wondering as to why with the issue the town had with the streetlights why the town would light the sign. The board felt that the location of the sign is not an aesthetically pleasing place so it would be the best place to put a utility sign. Wes understands the location but feels it doesn’t need to be lit.

Wes commented that he was in fact glad Beetle Road had been paved but asked why half of the road was paved with base blacktop and half with top coat. Steve stated that only half of the road was reclaimed. Also, Chapter 90 funds that were previously requested were only for the amount that had been paved. The board felt that they would pave over the base that was there and pave new from there to the mailboxes. In the future the town will plan to top coat the entire road. Wes asking why they didn’t do basecoat to the level of the old blacktop and then topcoat over the whole road, it would have used the same amount of blacktop and it would have been a finish product. Jim stated the town isn’t finished and will wait for any settling that may occur and then will top coat the entire road. Wes stated when looking at it he could not figure out why the town paved with base blacktop right up to the top coat of the other half. Jim stated that is the plan. Wes very happy to see it blacktopped. Wes warned the Selectmen to prepare themselves for disapproval from Wildwood property owners if another coat of blacktop is put on Beetle Road for they think it is already finished. Jim stated it is not finished and will be top coated.

Wes asked that the board look at where Beetle Road meets Colebrook River Road and possible widen or blend the blacktop. The board will try to address it when they top coat Beetle Road. Steve mentioned that Wayne still needs to go back and finish the edges.

Wes asked for an update on the sale of the land owned by the town. A perc test is being scheduled by Valerie the Board of Health Agent and will be witnessed by a Health Agent from another town. As soon as the perc is done the town will be moving forward. Wildwood will be notified.

Wes asked where the town stands with the Highway Garage? The town is holding a Special Town Meeting on Monday, November 20 to transfer funds of $7,000 from a Capital Expenditure (salt shed addition) to have a feasibility study done on the Highway/Emergency Complex. The study will allow the town to have Huntley Assoc. meet with the departments that will be using the building (Police Department, Fire Department and Department of Public Works) and discuss their needs and access their needs and put a package together that the board can present to the town with the needs, the proposal of the building structure and cost. The first step was to drill a new well and have the water tested. Water passed. State Building Inspector found the building to be structural sound; Wes asked will the plan be to remove the shell. Steve replied that the Feasibility Study will tell us and give us some direction. The Fire Department will be heated temporarily by using a furnace that was removed from the Tolland Library. The building currently has no insulation and temporarily insulation will be installed for the winter. The insulation will be inexpensive plastic type because the roof leaks.

Meeting adjourned 6:30PM
Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

James Deming  
Steven DellaGiustina
Board of Selectmen

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