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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 10/16/06
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:  Eric R. Munson, Jr., James Deming and
                                 Steven DellaGiustina

Also Present:  Robert Littlefield, Sr. and Wayne Carr

Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as read.

Wayne Carr, Highway Superintendent presented the board with a state bid from Tyler Equipment Corp for the purchase of a new Volvo Loader Model L70E with a sales price of $112,042.00. The board voted unanimously to go forward with the purchase.

Three bids for the dismantling and prune designated trees along roadsides within the town. Jeff’s Tree Service (Time and Material $180/per hour with an estimation of 60 hours totaling $10,800), Northern Tree Service, Inc. (prices are quoted under prevailing rates and do not include any cost of police detail if required, $14,895.00) and Bartlett Tree Experts (Time and Material basis of $75 per man hour with an estimation of 60 hours totaling $4,500) the board voted unanimously to proceed with Bartlett Tree Experts.

Three bids were received for the project of replacing the culverts located on Rivers Road and Harvey Mountain Road. Ferguson Waterworks (Culvert Cost $8,596.70), Ribco Supply (Culvert Cost $9,153.60) and Vellano Brothers, Inc. (Culvert Cost $8,600.00). Culverts were purchased from Ferguson Waterworks. Installation cost, Andy Gogol Bulldozing (Harvey Mountain Road $9,500.00, Rivers Road $8,500.00), John’s (Harvey Mountain Road and Rivers Road $3,000) and Gary Fearn (Harvey Mountain Road $2,500 and Rivers Road $3,000). The board voted unanimously to have Wayne proceed with the contractor that is available at the time.

Beetle Road is scheduled to be paved on Wednesday, October 25th. Wildwood’s office will be notified.

Full service will be requested on the Transfer Station Compactor.

Wayne is still waiting to hear from MDC on the status of using the gravel pit. DPW is still not allowed in the gravel pit.

On October the 16th Wesley Greene called Administrative Assistant and asked that she inform the Board of Selectmen that he had observed the DPW truck exceeding the speed limit on Colebrook River Road. He requested that the Selectmen inform the DPW Superintendent “to slow down” Eric R. Munson, Jr. spoke to Wayne Carr and Wayne stated that at that time it was being driven by Robert Littlefield and that he would speak to him. Robert was present at the meeting and acknowledged that he was driving.


The board voted unanimously to appoint Robert Littlefield, Sr. as a “Working Forman” with a 40 hour work week and an hourly rate of $16.50 with a probation period of 6 months and to include a 3 month evaluation which includes an increase of the hourly rate to $17.00 provided he receives his hydraulics license.

A proposal was received from Huntley Assoc. to perform a feasibility Study on the Highway Garage. The board voted to hold a Special Town Meeting on Monday, November 6 at 7PM as follows:  

I move that the town vote to transfer the amount of $7,000.00 to be used to fund a feasibility study phase for the Highway Department Garage from the funds appropriated for the Fiscal Year 2006 Capital Improvement plan under the item titled
“SALT SHED ADDITION – $21,000.00” Voted under Article 19 of the warrant for the annual town meeting of June 6, 2005.

Jim Deming excused himself from the meeting.

Edwin Deming asked Steven if the town would mow the roadsides from Tolland center to Sandisfield. The roadsides from Tolland center to Granville are being mowed by a volunteer. The board will discuss the mowing with the Highway Superintendent in the spring.

The board voted to appoint David Pickhardt to serve on the Conservation Commission.

A proposition from Jessica Kelmelis, Tolland Public Library Director to design a Tolland’s flag in which the town was approached by Senator Knapik’s office. Jessica would like to open up the design period to the entire township. The idea is not to necessarily pick one design but to employ elements of several designs to give full vision of Tolland. The project is scheduled to begin after the holidays. The Board of Selectmen support Jessica’s effort.

The Board of Selectmen authorized Valerie Nickerson, Board of Health to go forward with the perc test on Map 116 Lot 10 Forest Road.

Meeting adjourned 7:00PM
Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, Jr.
James Deming
Steven DellaGiustina
Board of Selectmen

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