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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 09/11/06
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland

MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING – September 11, 2006 5:00 PM

Selectmen Present:  Eric R. Munson, Jr., James Deming and
                                 Steven Dellaguistina

Present:  Richard Dziedzic of 16 MeadowDrive
                Wesley Greene II of 1714 Colebrook River Road
               Gary Hall of 27 Porcupine Point
               Mary and James Joyce of 121 Schoolhouse Road
               Paul Sandy of 207 Lakeside Drive
               Eric Munson III of 1071 Burt Hill Road

Michael Garrold of MIIA met with The Board of Selectmen, Robert Littlefield, Fire Chief, Eric R. Munson III, Police Chief, Wayne Carr DPW staff, Mira Munson and Ted Locke of the Finance Committee to discuss insurance coverage.

Paul Sandy expressed his concerns with the minutes taken on Monday, August 14th.  The Board agreed to review the minutes of the meeting.

Mr. Dziedzic asked about his easement request. The board stated that it went to a town meeting and did not pass. The board is willing to represent it to the town for another vote. The Selectmen will ask town counsel for his opinion on the easement.

Gary Hall asked the board what the Plan is for paving Beetle Road. The board will be discussing it with Wayne Carr later in the meeting. The “Interest to Bid” will be advertised in the local newspaper and the “Central Register” for two weeks with a close bid date of Oct 2, 2006. Project will start as soon as low bidder is hired. Project projected to be paved by end of October.

Wesley Greene asked about the replacement of the culvert on Beetle Road. The 6” culvert will be replaced with a 12” culvert. Wes stated that it would be best to have it replaced before the paving was done and even that it would be best to have it replaced at least one month prior to paving to prevent a dip. Wes asked if a top coat of fine material is going to be used. Wayne replied that they will be using 1 ½” processed material and then have it rolled before paving. Wes asked if the edges of the road were going to be tapered at the mailboxes.

Wes stated that there is a large stump on the roadside of Beetle Road that should also be removed. Wayne recommends grinding the stump. The towns backhoe would not be able to remove the stump.

Wes informed the board that there has been a trash can lid left on Beetle Road that DPW needs to remove.

Wes Greene stated concern with the minutes of Monday, August 14, 2006. Wes will submit his concerns to the board in writing for review. Wes mentioned that maybe the minutes should be recorded. Eric replied that anyone has the right to ask that they be recorded.

Wes asked about the replacement cost of the oil pan on the DPW truck. Wes reviewed the repair invoice. Wes also reviewed the DPW log book.

Wes requested that his personal information as Moderator be removed from the Tolland website as he had resigned.

Wes asked about the pile of material stored on Colebrook River Road (MDC gravel pit). The board stated that they believe it belongs to Faulkner and is on Camp Kinderland property. Faulkner must have made arrangements with Camp Kinderland. Wes asked about permits (storage of material/doing business out of). Jim stated that it would be different from what Wes has for a business. Faulkner is only forwarding material. Wes just wanted to inform the board that the pile is there.

Mr. Joyce asked if the town owns a recorder and suggested that minutes be taken briefly and if anyone chooses to listen to the minutes have them available. Mr. Joyce stated when a Town Official opens his or her mouth they should be prepared for the liability and any criticism that may come.

The board discussed upcoming projects with Wayne Carr and the repair estimate of the town’s loader. The board felt that it would not be cost effective to repair the loader when the estimate was $40,000 without the repair/replacement of the motor or even tires. The board recommends going forward with the purchase of a new loader. Wayne will get three bids and advertise through the local newspaper and The Central Register with an “Invitation to bid”.

Wes asked about the “bump” located on Schoolhouse Road. Wes mentioned that he passed over the bump and was tossed around in his truck. Wayne stated that he put material over the top of an open culvert to prevent someone following into the culvert. The culvert will need to be replaced. Wayne will post signs warning approaching cars.

Letter from Abby Simchak, of Land's End Association asking “about replacing a culvert at the end of Lands End Drive and using town equipment to dig holes to install guardrails that the Association had purchased. John indicated that he had clearance from the SelectBoard to do this work. Since that time, a Lands End resident, Al Berube called John many times requesting a timeframe for this work to be completed but never received any response. On behalf of and as current President of Lands End Association, I am asking for: A. Confirmation that this work will be done. B. Timeframe”. The board felt that the town is not responsible for the culvert nor have the funds or manpower. John did not have the approval from the board to replace the culvert.

The board reviewed the water test of the new well drilled at the town garage. The test is of acceptable levels. The results will be sent to Huntley Assoc for recommendation on the next step.

The board appointed unanimously   Donna M. Garcia Ballot and Tally Clerk
                                                         Nicole S. Voudren Ballot and Tally Clerk
                                                         Jessica C. Kelmelis Registrar of Voters

The board requested a letter be sent to Paul Sandy asking him to state his concerns
about the minutes in writing for the board to review.

Meeting adjourned 9:00PM
Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, Jr.
James Deming
Steven Dellaguistina
Board of Selectmen

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