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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 08/14/06
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:  Eric R. Munson, Jr., James Deming and
                                 Steven Dellaguistina

Executive Session:

The board met with The Board of Assessors.

Open Session 5:10PM

Present:  Rebecca Lemanski of 1714 Colebrook River Road
               Wesley Greene II of 1714 Colebrook River Road
               Paul Sandy of 207 Lakeside Drive
               Bill Habelt of 334 Fox Den Road
               Sharon Messenger of 1195 Colebrook River Road
               Wesley Greene of 487 Colebrook River Road
               TJ Campanelli of 78 Thicket Road
               Barbara Coleman of 90 W. Otter Drive
               Will Greene of 117 Beetle Road
               Bill Walker of Clubhouse Road
               Art Antinozzi of Lakeside Drive
               Gary Hall of 27 Porcupine Point
               Lester Walker of 977 Clubhouse Road
               Susan Moore of 52 Porcupine Point
               Eric Munson III of 1071 Burt Hill Road
               Susan Voudren of 257 Hartland Road

Robert Littlefield, Fire Chief presented the board with a list of Fire Department Permit Fees. Eric informed Robert that all the towns’ fees are approved by The Board of Selectmen and that some of the fees presented have been previously approved. Board voted unanimously to approve fees as presented. Fire Chief will receive half of what is charged.

·       Smoke Detector/CO2 Inspections                                        $40.00
·       Propane Tank Installation Inspection
            (new or replacement tank)                                                 $50.00
·       Fuel Tank Installation Inspection (#2, gas, etc)
           (new or replacement tank)                                                  $50.00
·       Underground Tank Removal           $50.00 (after 1st hour $25/hr for inspector)
·       Gasoline Storage Tank Inspection (above ground)             $50.00
·       Diesel Storage Tank Inspection (above ground)                 $50.00
·       Camp Inspections (yearly)                                                   $45.00
·       Oil Burner                                                                            $45.00
·       Black Powder                                                                      $35.00
·       Portable Fuel Storage Tanks (on vehicles)(yearly)             $35.00

Robert submitted quotes for the replacement of the fire rescue truck. The board asked that Robert present the quotes with a letter stating the need for the replacement to the Finance Committee and The Selectmen sometime in February, when the boards will be starting to work on the budgets for fiscal 08.

The Tolland Volunteer Fire Department will be holding a 911 number sign fund raiser. Each number sign will cost $15.

Wesley Greene, II addressed the board with several questions.

Q:   Why was John Panaia not reappointed?
A:   The board responded that it is a personnel matter and we are not able to discuss

Wesley pressed the question and again the board replied that it is a personnel matter and we are not able to discuss it. However, if John would like to meet with the board and discuss it in an open meeting he would be welcome to.

Wesley presented the board with a petition which read “We the undersigned taxpayers of the town of Tolland, respectfully request the reappointment of John Panaia for Superintendent of Public Works” and indicated it had ninety signatures.

Q:  Was John given written notice that there was a problem with his performance?
A:  The board responded that it is a personnel matter and we are not able to discuss

Wes stated for the minutes that he felt the boards’ actions were “preplanned and had been for a long time”. Eric replied, Wes you were on the board. Eric also stated to Wes that you told someone that John would be gone within six months. Wes stated yes and I was close.

Q:  Wesley asked why was it stated in the towns employment advertisement that a CDL and Hoisting license would be a plus not a requirement. Does the board feel that their Highway Superintendent (department head) does not need such a license?

Sharon Messenger stated the town of Blandford is also looking for a Highway Superintendent and is advertising with a CDL and Hoisting License required.

A: The board felt that if they had a candidate with all the other qualifications that are required that licenses could be obtained.

Wesley felt that it wouldn’t be cost effective for the town to hire someone without the licenses because the town would have to pay for the individual to obtain the licenses.

Paul Sandy asked with an angry tone about the sale of the lots owned by the town? He stated that he has lived in town for four years and the board has been talking about selling lots since then. Margaret stated that we have new town counsel within the past month and he is not up to speed on this issue. To which Mr. Sandy replied “its been one month, why not?

Aggressively, Paul Sandy stated to the board "The Board is a bunch of F___k__~ As_~ Ho__es" and, as walking out of the meeting, also stated to the board members "If you ever throw a radio at me I will shove it up your Fu__ As_". (Steve Dellaguistina stated that he apologized for that.)

Q: Wesley asked when the town would be moving on the highway garage.

A: The board stated that the well was just installed and the water is currently being tested to be determined if it is potable.

Q: Wesley asked when Beetle Road is going to be finished. Is there a plan for it to be paved before winter?

A: The board stated they will need to rerun the advertisement for bid due to the bid deadline being omitted. They plan for it to be done before winter.

Q: Will the board handle other employee issues that come before them in the same way?

A: The board asked, for an explanation of the questions?

To which Wesley gave them an example of a situation regarding a wire. The board stated Wesley you were on the board when the situation occurred.

Q: Wesley then said at his last Selectmen’s meeting that there were four issues brought before the board on a town employee. The board responded that it is a personnel matter and we are not able to discuss it.

Wesley stated to the board that John knew one month before that he was not going to be reappointed. Jim asked how that was possible when only the four of us at the table knew and that the decision had not been made one month ago.

Wesley commented that it had been stated at the VFW in Southwick by the other DPW employee that he was going to be the next Highway Superintendent.

Q: Wesley asked very pointedly, why the Building Inspector, Plumbing Inspection and Electric Inspector had allowed the Highway garage to get into such a horrible condition.

A: Eric responded that it is not the responsibility of the Building Inspector, Plumbing Inspector or Electrical Inspector to inspect public buildings, but that responsibility lies with the State Building Inspector.

Lester Walker was concerned that the board would make their decision on a professional level not on a personal level.

The Board responded that they always make their decisions in a professional manner. The decision to not reappointed John was not a personal matter.

Q: Sharon Messenger inquired why the Selectmen had changed their meeting hour from 6 pm to 5 pm without notice.

A: Summer meetings are scheduled every other week and the meetings were running long so Selectmen changed to the earlier hour and posted it in the Tattler calendar.

Sharon commented that the earlier hour made it difficult for working people to address the Selectmen.

The Selectmen responded that any taxpayer who has business with the board need only phone Margaret and their scheduling will be accommodated. They also, indicated that their meetings are running past 6PM so that anyone wishing to attend would still be able to speak to the board.

Wesley spoke one last time in saying that the petition would probably not do any good but that he hopes that friends and family would not be an issue when considering new candidates for the position. Jim Deming felt that comment was directed at him and that he always excuses himself when an issue comes up regarding his family.

Gary Hall asked when the highway department was going to apply calcium to Beetle Road, Eric indicated that they had the equipment and the material and would be applying on the dirt roads where needed. They also indicated that it would not last if we should receive a large amount of rain.

Eric Munson III, Police Chief spoke to the board about the upcoming Tag Sale. He is concerned about the parking on the same side of street in which the Tag Sale will be held. Eric will speak to Elaine Strinie about the parking.

Eric suggested that the town look into housing the fire truck off town property for the winter. Eric will pass the idea on to the Fire Chief for him to look into the possibility.

The board will meet with Wayne to discuss weekly projects. Also, any purchase’s that need to be made over $200 will need to be approved by the board.

Tyler Equipment will be asked to come and evaluate the condition of the loader.

Meeting adjourned 9:00PM
Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, Jr.
James Deming
Steven Dellaguistina
Board of Selectmen

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