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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 01/30/06
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:  Eric R. Munson, Jr., James Deming and Wesley Greene, II

Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

Received a letter from MIIA asking the board to verify a “Statement of Values, Automobile Fleet Schedule and Special Property Supplement. Jim will go over the Automobile Fleet Schedule with John.

The Board of Selectmen will form a Cemetery Committee at their next meeting. The Selectmen voted unanimously to charge a fee of $300 to open and close a gravesite at the cemetery, DPW staff will be paid their hourly wage and the DPW Superintendent will receive his regular compensation time.

6:35PM The Board of Selectmen met with Ralph Ledger, Finance Committee Chairman, Ted Locke, Building Complex Committee Chairman, John Panaia, DPW Superintendent and Mark Bredenfoerder, Tolland Fire Chief. Reports were received from Velerie Nickerson, Board of Health and Electrical Inspector Alan Daigneau on the condition of the Highway Garage. The board is waiting on reports from the State Building Inspector and State Fire Marshall.

Valerie stated in her report that “she found numerous health code violations along with electrical and building code violations. Some of the more serious health code violations are as follows:

1.      Septic system is backing up and entering the building (15.303 1.a) “If one or more of the following conditions exist as determined by the approved authority, the system is failing to protect public health, safety and the environment and shall be upgraded in accordance with 310 CMR15.305, 15.404 and 15.405.

Criteria applicable to all systems.
1.      Back up of sewage into the facility
2.      Discharge of effluent directly or indirectly to the surface of the found. The state code allows this to be fixed in two years UNLESS there is risk to the public health. I regard this as a serious risk to the town employees and anyone that enters the building.
This must corrected within 6 months. The tank should be pumped immediately, until that time the bathroom cannot be used.”

John is currently having the system pumped when at full capacity.

2       A large amount of mold and mildew growing on the walls, and ceiling through the building, although primarily in the “meeting room”. Mold grows in areas where there are high humidity and condensation problems as well as actual water leaks, maintenance issues, and HVAC system problems. Mold growth can eventually cause structural damage to a garage or large building, if a mold/moisture problem remains unaddressed for a long time. In the case of a long-term roof leak, for example, molds can weaken floors and walls as the molds feed on wet wood.  Health concerns regarding mold include. Allergies to mold, Infections – Mold can irritate mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory system. Toxic molds can suppress the immune system, or damage intestines, skin, or lungs. They can increase susceptibility to cancer. They can cause blood vessels in the skin or lungs to rupture. The mod accumulated in this building compromises the air quality and therefore makes it unfit for human habitation.

Mark asked if he could remove the walls of the meeting room by having a fire department exercise. The board and all agreed but with instructions to wear breathing/air protection while doing so.

3.      Ventilation system. Non existent. In a Highway garage a ventilation system is required where vehicles are stored/repaired. CMR 413.280, 413.281. This should be corrected within 6 months.

Monies were approved at the Annual Town Meeting for Fiscal Year Budget 06. John will seek bids.

4.      Roof leaks, drainage problems throughout the building. The roof has been leaking for a long period of time, the structure has been compromised. During rain storms, water leaks through the roof and runs across the garage floor creating moisture and catalyst for mold. In the case of a long-term roof leak, molds can weaken floors and walls as the molds feed on wet wood. Though there is some steel in the building structure, the building structure should be inspected by the building inspector to see if adequate repairs can be made, or the building should be demolished. Deadline: 14 days to review building integrity, 30 days to make adequate repairs, the weight of heavy wet snow may collapse the building.

The Board of Selectmen is waiting for a report from the State Building Inspector. Also, John and Margaret will seek a quote from a Structural Engineer for a building assessment. (Huntley Assoc. and/or Benry)

5.      Drinking water has a high amount of sodium. Exceeding limits for safe drinking. I recommend a water quality test to be done immediately, and if necessary a new well be drilled. Deadline 6 months.

John is currently using bottled water for drinking.

Given the severity of the issues involved, it is NOT recommended the building be occupied until repairs are made.”

A letter from Alan Daigneau, Electrical Inspector Town of Tolland stated in his report the following:

“The electrical service is in a sever state of deterioration. The outer jacket of the service lateral is almost nonexistent, leaving the neutral conductors exposed. The electrical service is a danger to both persons and property. This needs urgent attention and must be given the highest priority. It is my recommendation to do a complete service change ASAP, this includes the wiring, meter socket and panel.

Building internal wiring was more difficult to asses because most of it is behind walls. The wiring I could inspect needed work. Equipment has been removed and wiring is left exposed to direct contact by people. There is a considerable amount of mold on deteriorate it and cause a short circuit which in turn could cause a fire. Because dampness inside the building any BX, a form of wire, can rust causing the same problem as the mold. I need to inspect the walls when the sheetrock is removed wiring is exposed.”

Alan will inspect again when the meeting room walls are removed. Also, John will be hiring an Electrician to do some work immediately. Monies were approved at the Annual Town Meeting for Fiscal Year Budget 06.

At this time only Tolland Employees and The Tolland Volunteer Fire Department are allowed in the Highway garage.

Meeting adjourned 8:00PM
Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, Jr.                  
James Deming    
Wesley Greene, II
Board of Selectmen

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