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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 11/7/05
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:  Eric R. Munson, Jr., James Deming and Wesley D. Greene II

Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.


Open Space Committee:~
Gloria Gery, Chair
E. Peter Russell
Cynthia Burrall
Larry Hurd (as Conservation Committee Chair)
Francis Deming
Debra Desmond

Board of Health Fees Approved as follows:

DWCP                        $100~~~ Agent $75~~~~~~Town $25
Installers permits~ ~~    $50                                  Town $50
Pumping permits~~ ~~  $50                                  Town $50
Well permits~~~~~~~   $50       Agent $50

Title V's are not required to be witnessed
Perc tests are..           $90.00 first 3 hours 35.00/hr after that

Fire Dept. Fees Approved as follows:

Smoke Detector Inspection                               $40  Inspector $20  Town $20
Propane Tank Installation inspection                  $50  Inspector $25  Town $25
Fuel Tank Installation inspection (#2, gas, etc)   $50  Inspector $25  Town $25
Underground Tank Removal                              $50  Inspector $25 and after 2/hrs $25
                                                                                                           Town $25
Approved the proposed language for vacation personnel policy. (policy change voted on at the meeting of Jan. 31, 2005)

Employee’s eligible for vacation leave shall request to schedule vacation leave no less than four weeks in advance of said requested vacation dates and obtain the employee’s supervisor’s approval. Where circumstances exist and an employee is unable to request to schedule vacation leave no less than four weeks in advance of said requested vacation dates, said employee shall request such vacation leave in writing with the reason(s) the employee is unable to comply with the foregoing four week notice, and obtain the employee’s supervisor’s approval.
The board discussed the performance of the DPW.

It was decided that all Town of Tolland’s mail be delivered to the Tolland Town Hall.  All everyday mail (“junk mail”, catalogs, etc.) will be distributed in the appropriate boxes at the town hall.

The following procedure was decided upon to insure that all DPW invoices will be approved, submitted and paid in a timely fashion.  DPW invoices will be directed to Margaret, copies of each invoice/statement will be made and the original will be forwarded to DPW for review and authorization of payment. Invoices must be submitted with a completed “Schedule of Department Bills Payable” form. Department heads should be keeping a copy of this form and all invoices submitted for their records. Department heads will continue to receive a “Year to Date” printout every time a warrant is processed so that they can keep track of their spending.

All other departments will review and submit their invoices directly to Margaret as they have in the past.

Wes felt that Jim and Eric aren’t fully aware of what is taking place with the DPW. Jim will now be the liaison for the DPW.

An email was received from Arlene Hiller of north Tolland concerning the condition of Moreau Road, the email will be forwarded to The Town of Blandford.

A letter from Robert Littlefield was received expressing his interest for the position of part time winter help. Letter will be taken under consideration.

Wes would like an inventory of all weapons belonging to the Tolland Police Department, Past & Present.

Meeting adjourned 8:30PM

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, Jr.
James Deming  
Wesley D. Greene II
Board of Selectmen

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