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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 10/24/05
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:  Eric R. Munson, Jr., James Deming and Wesley D. Greene II

Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

Bob Bitso of Harvey Mountain Road asked about the culvert on his road. Wes informed Bob that the culvert was destroyed by a stolen car that was abandon and was set on fire leaving the culvert burning. Wes also stated that John, DPW Superintendent will be writing a Chapter 90 request for monies to replace the culvert; also John believes that the automobile owners insurance will be responsible for the cost.

Bob asked for an update on the court case with Michael Lodsin, Jim spoke to Attorney Locke about the case and informed Bob that Michael Lodsin agreed to sign an Agreement for Judgement. The agreement states Michael Lodsin will not rent rooms and/or furnish boarding at 250 Harvey Mountain Road, without special permit in violation of the Town of Tolland zoning bylaws. Bob would like case to end. Jim will speak to Attorney Locke further and get back to Bob or request Attorney Locke to attend a Selectmen’s meeting to discuss it with Bob.

Shirley Warner, Cultural Council requesting permission to purchase a notification sign to be placed at the Tolland Town Hall. The Board agreed but would like to review the sign before it is purchased.

A letter received by W.P.O.A. requesting the repair of the potholes on Beetle Road. John, DPW Superintendent aware of the potholes.

An email received from Dennis Burr of Pinewood Point requesting that the street lines be painted. The Board asked John if he would be able to get someone to paint the lines this late in the season and John felt that it was too late to have them done. The Selectmen requested John to have the lines scheduled for painting in the spring.


Police Officer:~ Sergeant Edwin Deming    (Jim abstained)
                         Officer Lester Walker

          Special Police Officers:  Scott Cooley
                                                 Michael Morrison
                                                 Rosario Massina

          Town Counsel:~ Thomas S. Locke, Esq. (Wes abstained)

Wes feels that the board should seek new town counsel.

The board received a copy of the letter that is being placed in the Tattler on the Police Department. The board also received a copy a letter that was sent to Will Greene and Len Elie regarding the return of police property.

Received a letter from Attorney Locke – the letter was asking the board to consider holding an auction for the sale of a lot that is in tax title (ON6). Tom was contacted by an interested party’s attorney in requesting the purchase of the lot. The board decided not to sell individual lots that are in tax title. The town is hoping to hold an auction in the spring with several lots. (Wes abstained)

The Board approved of the Rock athon to be held at the town hall on November 18th.

John would like payment of services from others town to be earmarked for DPW. Margaret will have to contact DOR to see if it is possible or if the monies have to be deposited into the General Fund.

Jim asked John about the machine rental that is currently in town. John stated that the machine is being used for Harvey Mountain Road. Jim is concerned with the length of time of the rental. John stated that the machine is being rented for one month.

Meeting adjourned 7:10PM

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, Jr.
James Deming              Board of Selectmen
Wesley D. Greene II

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