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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 08/15/05
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:             Eric R. Munson, Jr., Jim Deming and Wesley Greene, II

Bob Bitso asked about the case pending with Michael Lodsin? The Board is still waiting to hear from the court with a date. Bob informed the board that he had recently heard a barking dog and noticed an additional car. Eric mentioned to Bob that an inspection will be taking place with The Building Inspector, Fire Chief and both Attorneys’s, date not yet determined.

Bob asked about the Police Dept. The board informed Bob that currently there is no funded for the Police Department. Bob asked about renewing his pistol permit? The Selectmen replied that they have not yet discussed the Police Dept and plan to meet with The Police Chief and town attorney some time next week. The Selectmen will have some answers after that meeting.

Joanne Duval, Animal Control Officer expressed concerned with responding to dog calls without Police Officer coverage. (letter attached) She would like to be informed ASAP with the plans for the Police Department.  “Assuming that the Police Department stops functioning, will stop going out on calls or will limit their calls to emergencies this will mean some changes in Animal Control.”

Joanne felt that there would be two options available to the town.

1) Appoint someone else that already covers additional towns, Southwick/Granville for Animal Control with a possible base rate of $1,000 with a $35/charge per call.


2) Joanne will continue as Animal Control but with limited duties, stray pick up only with all other complaints being received in writing and responded to as time is available.

As far as Animal Inspector - “Dog Bites” processing state paperwork only.

Susan Voudren, Town Clerk reminded the board that they still need to schedule a STM for the two articles that passed on Aug. 9th.

Susan also asked if there was a plan with John for cleaning up all the tree stumps that were left on the sides of Hartland Road, Eric told Sue that the Board did go out and drive the roads and will be working on “A Plan of Work” with John. A town resident called Sue at home asking her why the Tolland Highway truck was traveling through Southwick on a Saturday with a trailer of lumber. Wes informed Sue that John was carrying lumber for forms that will be used for Culvert Headers on Beetle Road.

Meeting adjourned 7:05PM

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, JR            
James Deming
Wesley D. Greene II
Board of Selectmen

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