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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 07/11/05
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:             Eric R. Munson, Jr. and Wesley Greene, II

Minutes of previous meeting accepted.

DPW Budget - Eric asked Wes if John understands that his budget for Fiscal 06 is $8,289.69 and that he can not over spend it. The budgets are what the town voted. Wes replied that John is aware of his budget.

Wes will check with John on the remaining Chapter 90 reimbursement monies.

Wes mentioned that the loader has split rims. John stated to Wes that it is to dangerous for garages to fix split rims. The cost to replace the rims is approx. $4,000.00 the loader is being used for many town projects and John will be faced with this cost. Wes also mentioned that John purchased a power rake to be used for the cemeteries. Approx. cost was $4,000.00

Eric mentioned that the board has been receiving numerous complaints regarding DPW and the conditions of the roads. Eric stressed to Wes that The Board of Selectmen need to see a “Plan of Work” from John for each week. Eric feels that a “Plan of Work” would inform The Board of Selectmen of Johns plans and also help the board in noticing if the jobs are getting accomplished. The Board of Selectmen would like to see DPW’s work log every Monday night. Wes stated that he speaks to John every morning. Wes stated “As Selectmen we should be able to check on all our employees”.

Police Department – Police Chief Eric Munson submitted a letter with question to The Board of Selectmen:

1.      Is there liability issues for the town or officers responding to emergencies only? (life or property)

     Question forwarded to Attorney Tom Locke.

2.      Are Police Officers and Police Chief covered under Insurance & Workers Comp
           when patrolling and responding?

      The Board of Selectmen replied – Yes

3.      Can the Selectmen institute a fee for pistol permits? This fee would be compensate the Police Chief and cover any Clerical Fees? Note:  The town already receives half of the $100 fee that is currently charged.

           The Police Chief’s recommendation - $30/per permit
          $25.00 – Police Chief’s Fee and $5.00 Clerical (i.e. postage, film envelopes, paper,

       The Board of Selectmen replied – The town is not able to with the funds being
      allocated into the General fund.

4.      There is approximately $8,245.25 left in the Police Salaries Fiscal 05 Budget. $2,600.00 was appropriated for Len Elie but he went on a Leave of Absence in September and $2,600.00 was for an officer that was never hired.

           Can this money be transferred to cover the Police Department Expenses and
           Salaries or even only Salaries?

       The Board of Selectmen replied – The monies can be transferred to Fiscal 06 to
      cover Salaries until the Override vote in August. If the question gets voted down the
      department will no longer be. If the question gets passed the remaining monies from
      Fiscal 05 will stay in the Salary account and then be transferred to the General Fund
      at the end of Fiscal 06.

          Can the Police Chief be put on an hourly rate along with the Officers so he can be

      The Board of Selectmen replied – The Officers will be paid out of the monies that
      are being transferred from Fiscal 05, only until the Override vote in August.
      Margaret will check with surrounding towns on an hourly for the Police Chief.

As Police Chief I feel the Selectmen should not wait to see if the override in August passes. I feel we should act now on some of these questions. I think The Selectmen should put on hold all police activities including patrolling and issuing permits until September 1. If the override passes we will continue as normal, if it doesn’t pass we will operate or not operate on the recommendations I have listed.

If the Police Dept continues to operate as it has in the past the town will continue to say “see we do not need to fund the department”. The town did not vote to appropriate the funds to run the department. Wes felt that a good percentage of the “no” votes may have come from voters that felt that the cruiser was not out enough. Wes heard from voters that their biggest compliant is patrolling, “we don’t see the cruiser why do we need it.” Eric doesn’t agree. One quarter of the salaries were paid out. The remaining salaries were for the two officers mentioned, Len Elie and a new officer. We only had coverage of two officers and the Police Chief.

Wes felt that the approval of Len’s “Leave of Absent” should have come before the Board of Selectmen.

Eric wanted to note that the by-laws were just rewritten noting police coverage.

The Police Department will only be responding to emergencies.

Gloria Gery requested approval on 2 letters that were submitted to her to be posted on the website. The Board approved of the letters.

Eric requested that Wes notify Anderson Plumbing to attend their next Selectmen’s meeting to discuss appointment for Plumbing & Gas Inspector. .(Words in italics were stricken from the minutes by Selectmen Wes Greene on Aug. 15th

Lease/purchase of an excavator – bids opened

          H.O. Penn $249,700
         Tri-County $229,889

The Board will meet with John to discuss the bids.

Meeting adjourned 8:00PM

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret A. McClellan
Administrative Assistant

Eric R. Munson, JR
Wesley D. Greene II
Board of Selectmen

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