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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 06/13/05
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:             Eric R. Munson, Jr., James Deming, and Wesley Greene, II

Minutes of previous meeting accepted.

Streetlights – The question was asked why the streetlights are still on. Wes said that he would speak to John about calling WMECO to discontinue the lights and put the Town Hall parking lot on a timer. Margaret said she would call if John was not able to.

Abbe Ackley, Lands End Assoc. A culvert needs to be replaced at the end of Lands End Drive.  Abbe asked if the town would accept the cost of replacing the culvert. Eric asked how far off the town line is the culvert. Abbe was unsure. Eric told Abbe that The Board would meet with John to discuss the culvert and review the town maps to determine the location.

Eric spoke to Bob Bitso regarding the court date for Michael Lodsin. Eric will have to get back to Bob with that date after speaking to Atty. Tom Locke.

Wes asked if I (Margaret McClellan) was up to date with DPW invoices. I replied that I asked John for all invoices as of today and that he had submitted everything he had. I also replied that John stated he had submitted all paperwork to Mass Highway for Chapter 90 reimbursement. I (Margaret) also emailed Kathy Stevens to find out when the town can expect the monies.

Visiting Nurse Assoc. agreement was signed.

A letter was received from Doris Shandell of Owls Nest Lane expressing her concern with the lack of progress on Beetle Road. The Board will take her letter under advisement.

Susan Voudren-

A resident via email asked if a Prop 2½ override raises our levy. Sue replied that yes in fact it does. Jim also stated that that was mentioned at the ATM.

Ann Stone left the Town Clerk a voicemail message regarding the fact that she is a tax payer and gets no notification of any town business. Sue replied that she would be calling Ann Stone back telling her that all town information can be found either on our Tolland website or in the Tolland Tattler.

Meeting adjourned 7:30PM

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret A. McClellan
Administrative Assistant

Eric R. Munson, JR                         
James Deming
Wesley D. Greene II
Board of Selectmen

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