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Board of Selectmen's Minutes06/06/05
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:             Eric R. Munson, Jr., James Deming, and Wesley Greene, II

Minutes of previous meeting amended and accepted.

Bob Bitso wanted an update from The Board of Selectmen on Michael Lodsin. He wanted to know when the Fire Chief and Building Inspector were going to inspect the property. Bob is unhappy with the length of time this is taking. Eric is requesting that Michael Lodsin’s attorney and Attorney Locke be present during the inspection. Eric is waiting to hear back from Attorney Locke with that date. Eric will speak with Attorney Locke tonight at the Annual Town Meeting.

Bob would like to know why there is “School Bus Stop” signs posted before and after the DPW garage. The Board does not have an answer and will have to ask John.

Bob asked about the streetlights. Bob felt that if the town is in need for a prop. 2 ½ override why is the town spending money on the streetlights.  The streetlights monthly cost is $50 and the Board felt that they will leave the decision of continuing the streetlights up to the town with a vote at The Annual Town Meeting.

Richard Dziedzic wanted an explanation about his easement request.  Jim explained to him that the night of the Special Town Meeting were his easement was discussed it was tabled, which means if it was mentioned again before the end of the meeting that it would be up for additional discussion if not that it would be a dead issue as presented. The easement did not come up for additional discussion so it was a dead issue as presented. Mr. Dziedzic wanted to know what the next step for the town is. The authorization from the town to sell property owned by the town will be an article at the Annual Town Meeting. If the article is approved the town will go forward and start with getting the property appraised and hope to offer the property for sale sometime in August. At that time Mr. Dziedzic will be able to bid on the property. The Board of Selectmen will keep Mr. Dziedzic update on the process.

Jim asked if there was some way that the monies from the sale of the property could be allocated for the purpose of purchasing additional land that could be used for the town. Eric said that the monies from the sale would have to be put into “Free Cash” (General Fund) for at least one year before being used.

The Board of Selectmen accepted the resignation of Robert Hegarty, Plumbing and Gas Inspector.  The Board of Selectmen will look for a new Plumbing and Gas Inspector. Brian Middleton will fill in until a new inspector is appointed.

Letters were received from:

Robert Ueberbacher of Chipmunk Crossing, Larry Isaacs of South Village Road, James Sadlowski of Porcupine Point, Gary Hall also of Porcupine Point and Ken and Madeleine Lawrence of Angler’s Hook Drive concerning the Beetle Road entrance to Wildwood.  The Board took the letters into consideration.  Wes will get an update from John including a start date for the project.

An agreement from the Lee Regional Visiting Nurse Assoc. was received and tabled until after the Annual Town Meeting.

Wes had a concern about the decision the Board made on the streetlights. He felt that the Board made the discussion to have John put them up and they should stand by the decision. Eric felt that because there was a number of letters and comments made by the residents that they would let the town decide at The Annual Town Meeting. Wes indicated that there were other concerns voiced by residents that were not addressed in the same manner. Wes asked if the town would be liable if an accident occurred where a streetlight was turned off. Eric and Jim didn’t believe so but that would be a question for Attorney Locke.

Wes stated he still will be sending Eric Munson, III questions for him as Police Chief and would send copies to Eric Munson, Jr. and Jim Deming.

Meeting adjourned 6:40PM

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret A. McClellan
Administrative Assistant

Eric R. Munson, JR                         
James Deming                      Board of Selectmen
Wesley D. Greene II

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