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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 05/02/05
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:             Eric R. Munson, Jr., James Deming, and Wesley Greene, II

Minutes of previous meeting accepted.

Michael Sullivan requested the use of the town hall during the summer months on the 1st and 3rd Thursday to hold 4-H meetings. The town hall will be checked for availability and if it is available the Board doesn’t see a problem.

Gert McKay expressed that she has been unable to contact Larry Hurd of the Conservation Commission, and if they would consider additional members. The Board of Selectmen will be appointing additional members within the next couple of weeks.

By-law (December 7, 1970) Non-conforming lots adjoined with the same owner should be combined. Who is responsible for picking up these lots and all the fees that are required for recording? Eric is unsure and the board will speak to Attorney Locke for a clarification.

Eric Munson III, Police Chief stated that he would like to be made aware of any issue that The Board of Selectmen may have with the Police Department.

Wes being the Police Department liaison spoke of some concerns.

Why was the equipment (ATV vehicle) not ready and available for an emergency? Also, why wasn’t Officer Lester Walker aware of the location of the vehicle?

Police Chief agreed that the equipment should have been ready and available and was not. The vehicle was having seasonal maintenance done at one of the Police Sergeants home. The Sergeant started maintenance on the vehicle and then went on vacation without completing the maintenance. The Sergeant was spoken to about the vehicle. The Police Chief also stated that Officer Lester Walker was aware that the vehicle was at the Sergeants home.

Wes felt that it is very important to have a police log in the cruiser at all times. The log provides an important piece of information for the officer’s.

The Police Chief stated that the Officer’s are using the laptop computer which is programmed with a log.

Wes felt that a hand written log would be more accurate and reliable.

Wes asked the Police Chief about a rumor that he had heard in reference to a pistol permit being issued to a known felon.(Words in italics were stricken from the minutes by Selectmen Wes Greene on May 23rd and replaced with the following) “license to carry a gentlemen surprised that he had a felony in his background”

Police Chief Eric is unaware of issuing a permit to a felon. A background check is processed by the Chief as well as the state before being issued. Police Chief Eric will look into this permit and if the permit was issued in error it can be revoked.

Police Chief Eric asked for the definition of a Select Board Liaison.

Jim and Eric answered that the liaison is intended to be the “go-between” the Department Head and The Board of Selectmen, not intended to be a Supervisor on a day to day basis.

Wes stated that there is a conflict of interest with Eric Munson Jr and James Deming because they are related to Police Chief Eric Munson III and Sergeant Edwin Deming therefore it was Wes Greene’s opinion that the other two Selectmen should excuse themselves from any discussing regarding the Police Department. Jim and Eric responded that they only need to step out when it involves monetary items.    

The Board of Selectmen should refer individuals with concerns to the Police Chief rather then discussing the concern with the individual. Police Chief Eric would like to be informed of any issues regarding the Police Department so that he can have an opportunity to discuss them with the individual before it comes to The Board of Selectmen. Police Chief feels that he gets by-passed on residents concerns.

Wes would like the Police Chief to attend another Selectmen’s meeting to discuss additional Police Department issues. The meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 23rd.

Larry Landry of Moreau Road discussed a burnt vacant house that is located on his street. The house burnt approximately 5 years ago and is still standing. The Selectmen told him that the house is located in the town of Blandford. Eric as Building Inspector/Selectmen would speak to The Board of Selectmen in Blandford regarding the house.  

Meeting adjourned 7:15PM to a Finance Committee Meeting

Meeting reopened 9:00PM with Attorney Tom Locke

The Selectmen discussed Michael Lodsin with Atty Locke.

Wes asked Attorney Locke if the town is liable for the Police Chief issuing a pistol permit in error.  Attorney Locke said that any permit or license that is issued by the Police Chief goes through a process of background checks. One that is done by the Chief and one that is also done by the state. If the permit is issued in error the chief at any time can revoke the permit or license.

Meeting adjourned 9:30PM

Wes also asked Attorney Locke how is it that the town can employee someone with out of state license plates. Wes said that the individual has resided in Tolland for a couple of years. Jim replied that the out of state license plate is an issue that should be discussed with the Police Chief.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan
Administrative Assistant

Eric R. Munson, JR             
James Deming                Board of Selectmen
Wesley D. Greene II

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