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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 9/13/04
Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:               Eric R. Munson, JR, James Deming and Wesley D. Greene II
Present:                                 Gloria Gery, Richard Dziedzic Mr. Hagen, Homer Rogers,
                                             JoAnne Duval and Robert Bitso

Minutes of previous meeting accepted:

Gloria Gery -

Gloria updated the Selectmen on the Open Space Plan. Gloria requested that the Selectmen form an Open Space Committee. The Board appointed Gloria Gery, James Deming, Francis Deming, Monica Wilson, Homer Rogers and Peter Russell to the committee.

James Deming made motion to adopt the Equal Opportunity Policy and the board accepted.

The Zoning By-law Review Committee have been discussing the enforcement of the by-laws and are looking into changing the fines.

Mr. Hagen and Homer Rogers -

Mr. Hagen asked the Board, when the work will start on Covell Rd. The Selectmen assured him that it would be done before winter.

Robert Bitso -

Robert Bitso asked for an update on Michael Lodsin of Harvey Mountain Road. Bob is very upset that the property inspection wasn't done sooner. Eric informed Bob that the inspection was done and that the violations have been turned over to the courts.

Bob is also upset with the Tolland Highway Department for removing two trees on his property. He requested that the town notifies him of any activity that was going to happen on his street, (Harvey Mountain Road) and he was not. Wes stated that he could not speak for John the Highway Superintendent but would speak to him about it.

Richard Dziedzic -

Richard Dziedzic of 16 Meadow Drive discussed obtaining an easement for his property.
The Board will schedule a STM for the easement after they do some research on the property. They would like to find out how the easement would effect the town's property.

JoAnne Duval - Animal Control Officer

JoAnne made the Selectmen aware of a bear presentation at the Town Hall. The board thought having the presentation was a great idea.

JoAnne discussed a complaint that she received regarding two dogs in North Tolland. JoAnne stated that she has made several attempts to contact Tolland's Town Counsel and has not been able to reach him. The Selectmen will also leave a message for town counsel to contact JoAnne.

Election worker appointments:

    Election Clerk                       Susan S. Moore
    Assistant Election Clerks     Rosemary C. McAlister
                                                  Shirley A. Warner

    Ballot and Tally Clerks        Cindy Saulenas

    Registrar of Voters               Susan H. Voudren
                                                  Patricia A. Baceski
                                                 Carolyn Locke

   Election Warden                   Theodore F. Locke III                Howard Klienberg
   Ballot and Tally Clerks        Diane M. Alia                             Rosemary C. McAlister
                                                 Frederick J. Baceski                   Margaret A. McClellan
                                                  June M. Clark                             Gertrude T. McKay
                                                 Heidi E. Cowles                         Margee R. O'Meara
                                                 Sue-Ann M. Faucher                  Beverly Partette
                                                 Mary J. Joyce                             Jeffery Parette
                                                 Janice Kasiski                            Cindy Saulenas
                                                 Jessica C. Kelmelis                    Shirley A. Warner

Date for STRSD (5 Mil Override): STM Monday, November 8th and Election Saturday November 20th.

Wes informed the board that he would be rejoining the Tolland's Vol. Fire Dept. In doing this he will be unable to be responsible for overseeing the Fire Dept. The responsibility will be given to Eric.

Meeting adjourned 8:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret McClellan
Administrative Assistant

Eric R. Munson, JR

______________________    Board of Selectmen
James Deming

Wesley D. Greene II

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