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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 04/26/04
Selectmen’s Meeting
4/26/04    6:01pm
Present:  Eric, Jim, Wes

First order of business:

Minutes of last meeting read and accepted.

Second order of business:

Jim suggested that an inventory of the town garage be taken.  Wesagreed and said they may have one for insurance purposes already.

Third order of business:

After discussing the town meeting schedule with Sue Voudren the Board voted to move the meeting from June 7th to June 14th.

Fourth order of business:

Based on the recommendation from some of the members of taxassessors the Board chose to turn down the supplemental tax bill based on M.G.L. Chapter 59 2D Supplemental Tax Assessment on New Construction.

Fifth order of business: Recognized Steven Della Guistina who asked several questions
o       First, he asked as burial agent what are his responsibilities?
§ Eric said we should check with other towns.  There aren’t any on record that he was aware of.

o       Second:  if there is a fee charged for the burial plot?
§ Eric said that there has never been a fee for a plot.

o       Third:  who is eligible for a plot in Tolland cemeteries?  Residents:  past residents, relatives of residents?
§ Eric replied that they never had a policy, but we should establish on in the future.

o       Fourth:  when will Twining Cemetery be open?

§ Eric will check with the Highway Superintendent to see if there was a plot plan for this cemetery.

o       Fifth:  who is responsible for digging graves?
§       The selectmen felt the town should dig and the fee that would be charged would go into the general fund.
Sixth order of business:

Recognized Bob Bitso.
o       Bob asked if there were any renting ordinances for the town.
§ Eric replied that there was none that he was aware of.

o       Bob asked about multi-family residences.
§ Jim answered that mother-in-law apartments were allowed, but was unsure about any regulations for multi-residential housing.

o       Bob also stated a complaint regarding his neighbor, Michael
Lodsin, letting his dog run and both Michael and his dog trespassing on his property.  The Board stated that a police report should be filed and hey should file a complaint in court if this problem persists.

o       Jackie Bitso requested that there be partitions between the voting booths.

Seventh order of business:

Joanne Duval, dog officer, stated there needs to be a warrant posted for the position since it is a yearly appointment.

o Reported that the rabies clinic went well.

o Received a complaint in North Tolland of a dog running free on Morreau Rd.   She will check with that attorney on how to handle dogs running free at Driftwood Shores and other private organizations.

o Rabies travel medicine pre-exposure shots.: 3 shots $527.00 per person.  $2108.00, short $648.

o Would like to work on animal control bylaws.

Eighth order of business:

·       Ted Locke to Boston for a grant workshop.
o Eric seconded motion.
o Shared expense with police.
o All agreed.

Ninth order of business:
·       Warrants signed.

Also in attendance:
Bob Bitso
Jackie Bitso
Wesley Greene
Meeting adjourned 7:30pm

Respectfully submitted,
Wesley D. Greene II

____________________   ____________________   ____________________
Eric Munson Jr.                  James Deming                   Wesley D. Greene II

Respectfully submitted,


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