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Planning Board Minutes 8/20/07
        Meeting of 8/20/2007

Present:        James Joyce
Thomas Paine
Richard Pustinger
Regular Meeting opened by Chairman Joyce at 7:02.

Old Business:  none
New Business:

Bryan J. Perry, phone 860-583-3406, applied for Site Plan Approval for the construction of a house to be located at 470 Colebrook River Road,  Map 410, Lot 12.2.  The lot is 3.5 acres in size and has received septic and well approval from the Board of Health.  The house is to be 26’ x 38’ with a 24’ x 24’ detached garage.  Application was approved.

Keith & Tammy Murphy applied for Site Plan Approval for the completion of a house at  35 Owls Nest Road, Map 120, Lot 10.  The foundation has been completed and inspected by the building inspector.  Approval granted.

Contractor Steve Dellagustina  applied for Site Plan Approval to build a garage and attached breeze way for Alan & Cheryl Binder, at 222 Thickett Road, Map 112, Lot 36. The Garage will be 14’x22’, the breeze way 12’x14’.  All setbacks will be meet.  Application approved.

Danny Olesek, surveyor representing Joanne Henderson, requested approval of signatures for transfer of land (Map 409, Lot 5.1, Deed #4256 page 377), from Robert & Carolyn Mills to Joanne Henderson.  Approved.

Marcella Waugh, 335 West Granville Road, Map 413, Lot 4, applied for a subdivision of 1.18 acres from lot 4 to be merged with 279 West Granville Road, Map 413, Lot 4.  This portion of lot 4 contains the septic used by lot 3.  This new lot will be deeded as “not a building lot”.  Subdivision was approved.

Bob McMann representing Mr. Rosen, owner of 339 Beetle Road, Map 116, lot 1, requested Site Plan Approval for a two story addition plus deck.  The existing house is a non-conforming structure on a non-conforming lot.  The applicant was instructed to apply for a Special Permit.

Bryan Karadimas, owner of 101 Owls Nest, Map 120, Lot 18, requested Site Plan Approval for an addition.  Building Inspector must assure setbacks are met before issuing Building Permit.  Application approved.

John Muszynski of 1936 Colebrook River Road, Map 401, Lot 28.3, requested Site Plan Approval for installation of a 10x16 foot manufactured shed.  Applicant was instructed to see the Building Inspector.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40.

Thomas Paine  

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