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Planning Board Minutes 7/17/06
        Meeting of 07/17/2006

Present:        James Joyce
Jason Smith
Gertrude McKay
Meeting opened by Chairman James Joyce at 7:03 p.m.

Old Business:

1.      Minutes of meeting of June 19, 2006 were approved as written.

2.      Minutes of meeting of May 15, 2006 were approved as amended.

3.      Attorney General Comments on Zoning Bylaw:  At the May 15th meeting of the Planning Board, the Attorney General’s comments on Articles 4 and 5 of our newly enacted Zoning Bylaw was referred to the Board of Selectmen for their input.  No response has been received, to-date.

4.      Attorney General Comments on Penalties: The Attorney General’s comments involving the specification of penalties were referred to our new Town Attorney.  To-date, no response has been received.

5.      Zoning Bylaw Announcement: Gloria Gery has been asked to announce in the tattler and web site, that the new zoning bylaws are now in effect.

6.      Application Packet for Planning Board: Members of the Planning Board were asked to submit rough drafts of a Packet for Applicants applying for site plan approval.  The packet should include all forms and check list.

7.      Applicant:      Nanette Tummers
Location:       Forest Road (Map 119, Lot 60).
New house to be built on a pre-existing non-conforming lot.  When             Application was previously submitted, vital information was missing from the map.  A new map has been submitted.
Action taken:  Site Plan approval granted by unanimous vote of all members present.

New Business:
1.      Applicant:      Arlene and David Hiller
     Location: 38 Ona Road
                        Map 101, Lots 68 and 69
Description:    Site Plan Approval for extension of a deck on a pre-existing, non-conforming lot, and the addition of a deck on the lake or rear side of the house.  The extension of the existing deck would increase the side line setback non-conformity from seven (7) feet to twelve (12) feet.    
Action Taken:  The Applicants were advised that they may apply for a Special Permit to enlarge the existing deck..

   2.   Applicant:     Dave and Barbara Coleman
         Location:     90 West Otter Road
                       Map 118, Lot 43
Description:    Applicant wishes to add a room and deck to a 2 bedroom house.  No additional bedrooms or bathrooms will be added.  The addition will be 30’x40’.  The intended structure has been staked.
Action Taken:  A motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously to grant Site Plan Approval.

3.    Applicant:           Walter and Joan Johnson
        Location:              Map 115, Lot 70
                                Chipmunk Crossing
Description:    Applicant wishes to purchase the above named, non-conforming lot, which is contiguous to and deeded to the same owner as lot 69.  They had been warned, that the lot may be unbuildable, due to Massachusetts Bylaw 40A, Chapter 6, which requires all such lots having less than the prescribed acreage, to be treated as one lot.  They were looking for advice from the Planning Board, as to whether or not they could obtain site plan approval and a building permit for this lot.

Susan Moore, explained the ramifications of Massachusetts 40A, Chapter 6.  The Applicants can appeal a refusal to issue a building permit, to the ZBA.  A similar case was recently denied by the Tolland ZBA.
Action Taken:   No action taken.

4.  Applicant:          Wildwood Property Owner’s Association
     Location:         254 Beetle Road
                                Map 116, Lot 65, and Map 111, Lot 21.1
Description:    Request for Approval of two signs to be installed on W.P.O.A property, one at each entrance.  The square footage of the signs are 13.5 and 6.6 square feet. Which exceed the limit for non-commercial signs.
Action Taken:   The application meets the criteria to apply for a Special Permit for Commercial Signs.     

5.      Process for Notifying Abutters: The Board discussed the process whereby abutters are notified preceding a Public Hearing.  Our Bylaw requires that they be listed by the Applicant; however, the Board believes the list should be checked by the Town Clerk or Assessor Clerk.
6.      PB Meeting Attendance: Members were reminded that if they will to be absent from a meeting, please notify the Chairman in advance so that an alternate member can serve in their place.

7.      Next Meeting Next regular meeting of the Planning Board will be August 21, 2006.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gertrude T. McKay

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