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Planning Board Minutes 06/19/06
Meeting of 06/19/2006

Present: James Joyce
Jason Smith
Thomas Paine
Gertrude McKay

Meeting opened by Chairman  James Joyce at 7:03.

Public Hearing:

Chairman James Joyce called to order a Public Hearing on an Application for Special Permit by Margaret and Patrick Storey, Jr.

The following notice was read.
“The Town of Tolland Zoning Board will conduct a Public Hearing at 7:00 p.m. local time on Monday, June 19, 2006 at the Tolland Town hall, 241 West Granville Road, Tolland, MA 010er, on an Application for Special Permit by Margaret and Patrick Storey, Jr. to enlarge a pre-existing nonconforming structure (an infill addition between existing house and garage) at their property at 100 Lakeview Lane (Map 102, Lot 16).

Pat Storey spoke on behalf of this application.

As no other persons appeared to address the issue, the Public Hearing was closed at 7:08.

Old Business:

1. A motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously, to approve the Special Permit Application of the Storey’s for the construction of an addition to their pre-existing, nonconforming structure.

New Business:

1. Applicant: Richard and Barbara Andrews
Location: 108 Stones Throw Drive
Map 115, Lot 30
Description: Site Plan Approval request for a 12’ by 10’ shed to be placed behind their existing house. Lot is pre-existing nonconforming.
Action Taken: Since all setbacks are being met, approval was granted by unanimous vote.

2. Applicant: Richard and Jodie Lunn
Location: 93 Lands End Drive
Map 101, Lot 17
Description: Applicant wishes to replace an existing house with a basement and a new house, which will exceed the original footprint by a 14’ by 14’ addition.
Action Taken: The intended structure has been staked, and checked by the Building Inspector, and meets all setback requirements. A motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously to grant Site Plan Approval.

3. Applicant: Mike Carsons, for Estate of Nicholas Bonadies
Location: Map 410, Lot 95.975
Route 57 and Colebrook Road

Description: Approval Not Required for the subdivision of a 10 acre lot with 358 feet of frontage on Route 57, and over 300 feet of frontage on Colebrook River Road.

Action Taken: Unanimous approval for the ANR subdivision of one lot.
A subdivision fee of $35 was received and deposited with the Town Treasurer.

4. Assessor, Susan Moore appeared before the Board to request a clarification of the definition of a “structure” as it appears in our newly adopted Zoning Bylaw. The Board will study the matter and respond to her request, at a later date.

5. Applicant: Nanette Tummers
Location: Forest Road
Map 119 , Lot 60?
Description: Request Site Plan Approval for construction of a house on a vacant lot.
Action Taken: Application turned back to owner for lack of required information drawn to scale by a Licensed Engineer.

6. A copy of all Planning Board Files must be turned over to the Town Clerk for filing.

7. The subject of Conforming Contiguous lots was introduced, but the Board did not want to make further comments on the subject.

8. The Board agreed that Planning Board minutes can be posted on the Town website prior to approval, if they contain the statement that they are “Subject to approval at the next Board meeting, which will be ---“, followed by the date of the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:27 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Gertrude McKay

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