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Planning Board Minutes 10/19/05
Meeting of 10/17/2005

Present:        Steve McAlister
James Joyce
Gertrude McKay
Meeting opened by Chairman Steve McAlister at 7:10

Old Business:

Minutes for special meeting of September 19, 2005 were read, amended, a motion to approve as amended was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

New Business:

        1.      Applicant:      Bob Sullivan
                Owner:  Joel and Barbara Behar
                Location:       Map 120, Lot 95
                                Fox Den
                    Description:        Applicant requests Site Plan Approval to replace part of an existing deck with a 14 x 14 foot recreation room and a 8 foot by 14 foot deck.  The resulting addition meets all setback requirements.
Action Taken:  Site Plan endorsed unanimously.  A fee of $123 to be collected with Building Permit application.
2.      Applicant:      Bob Littlefield Sr.
        Location:       1437 Burt Hill Road
                        Map 401, Lot 28.1
Description:    Site Plan Approval for placement of a 10 foot by 12 foot shed to be placed in back of house, for housing of goats.  All setback requirements will be met.
Action Taken:  Site Plan was approved.

3.      Applicant:      Jack Conboy
Owner:  Jen Perby
Location:       54 Ona Road
Map 101, Lot 66
Description:    Applicant requests Site Plan Approval for replacement of existing house with a larger house in a different location on the lot.  The house will be 2,328 sq. ft.  The owner wants to build closer to the road.  Setbacks of existing plan are conforming.  If applicant wishes to move new house closer to the road, he will have to obtain a variance from the Tolland Zoning Board of Appeals.

4.      Applicant:      Joe Racicot
                        13 Pine Knoll Drive
                        Southwick, MA.
        Location:       East Otter Drive
                             Map 118, Lot 6 & 7
Description:    Request for Site Plan Approval for new house to be situated on two vacant lots.  The house will have 1296 sq. ft. of living space plus 592 sq. ft. of deck.  $775.52 to be paid with application for Building Permit.
Action Taken:  Site Plan was approved unanimously.

5.      Applicant:      Francine Demonstranti

        Location:       New Boston Road
                Map 409, Lot 5.2
Description:    Applicant requested the cancellation of her Special Permit for a Gravel Pit, issued in 2000, and renewed in 2002 and 2004.  A site inspection was completed by members of the Planning Board, September 30th, and a request was made that applicant reduce the steepness of the slope in one area.  This correction has been made.
Action Taken: Cancellation of the Special Permit was approved unanimously. A bond in the amount of $42,000 will be returned to the Applicant

        6.      Applicant:      Joanne Duval
                Location:       1072 Burt Hill Road
                                Map 402, Lot 8.1
Description:    Applicant request Site Plan Approval for a 10 ft. by 12 ft. shed to house her dogs.  All setback requirements will be met.
Action Taken: Site Plan Approved Unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:47

Respectfully submitted,
Gertrude T. McKay

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