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Planning Board Minutes 08/15/05

        Meeting of 8/15/2005

Present:        Steve McAlister
James Joyce
James Deming
Jason Smith
Gertrude McKay
Public Hearing opened by Chairman Steve McAlister at 7:07

Applicant:      Bell Atlantic Mobile of Massachusetts, Ltd., dba Verizon Wireless
Representatives:  Ellen W. Freyman of  Shatz, Schwartz & Fentin, P.C.
                     Sandy Carter
                     Alex Restrepo, Frequency Engineer  
Parcel:        Map 403,  Lot 31
Location:      East Otis Road
           Description:        Application for Special Permit to modify existing cell tower by removing three whip antennas and replacing them with twelve 48” x 43” x 3” panels with added PCS coverage.  This modification will improve quality of signal, increase service area slightly and will facilitate an upgrade to Broadband (i.e., DDVO High Speed Data Service).
Comments from the Audience:

Bob Gery asked to see the charts representing current and future coverage from the existing tower.  He commented that Tolland has inadequate coverage at this time and needs more towers.

No other residents appeared to speak.

Public Hearing closed and Regular Meeting called to order at 7:25

Old Business:

1.      Motion made, seconded, and approved unanimously to approved Special Permit Application of Bell Atlantic Mobile of Massachusetts for the modification of the existing cell tower on East Otis Road.

New Business:

        1.      Applicant:      Francene Demonstrati
                Location:       Map 410, Lot 5
                    Description:        Applicant requested revocation of Special Permit for Earth Product Removal, granted September 19, 2004.
Action Taken:  The Board will research procedures necessary to close the Special Permit, and will report same to the Applicant at the next meeting of the Board, September, 18, 2005.

2.      Applicant:      Joseph J. & Dorothy Clark & Joseph J. Clark III
        Location:       1043 Burt Hill Road
                        Map 410, Lot 22
Description:    Site Plan Approval for Subdivision of Land where Subdivision Approval is not Required.  The new parcel to be created, meets area and sideline setbacks.  The site plan did not show existing structures on the remaining lot.
Action Taken:  Site Plan was approved.

3.      Applicant:      Jean and Art Antinazzi
        Location:       Lakeside Drive
                        Map 117, Lot 2
Description:    Site Plan Approval for the placement of a 120 sq. ft. shed.  All setback will be met.
Action Taken:  Site Plan Approval granted.

4.      Applicant:      Wayne Carr Property
        Location:       West Granville Road (Rt. 57)
                             Map 413, Lot 10
Description:    Site Plan did not show setbacks.  Since the Site Plan was drawn to scale, measurements were added to the plan to show minimum setbacks required.
Action Taken:  Site Plan was approved as amended.
        5.      Applicant:      Calasha G. Gish & Caroline Spengler
                Location:       103 Otter Pond Trail
                                Map 114, Lot 62
Description:    Two additions to an existing house on a pre-existing, non-conforming lot.  As the Architect on the project, Steve McAlister recused himself.
Action Taken: As all setbacks will be met, the Site Plan was approved by a unanimous vote of the remaining four members.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50

Respectfully submitted,
Gertrude T. McKay

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