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Planning Board Minutes 07/19/04
Town of Tolland
Planning and Zoning Board


Minutes of Regular Meeting
August 16, 2004

Location:  Tolland Town Hall
Present:  Deming, Joyce, McAlister (Chairman
Absent/Excused:  McKay, Smith

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p. by McAlister.

Old Business

1. Minutes of the meeting of July 19, 2004 were read and approved with the note that under Item 3 of New Business, an Approval Not REquired, the Board signed off on the plan only to indicate that approval is not required, and consequently neither approved nor disapproved the plan.

2.  Francene Demonstrante, re Assors Map 410, Lot 5 Re: application to renew Special Permit for Earth Removal.  General discussion centering mainly on field observation by Deming and McAlister that very little has changed at the site in two years, an on proposed long-term time frame for completing the work.  Board has until mid-October to make a decision regarding renewal.

New Business

1.  Nick Urbanati, 496 North Street, Feeding Hils, MA 01030, (413) 786-6361.  Re:  Assessors Map 118, Lots 40-41.  New single-family residence; approved as presented, with Building Permit fee of $579.80 to be submitted at issuance of Permit.

2.  Charles Adams, 161 Covell Road, Tolland , MA 01034 (413) 258-6361.
Application to build agrictulural shed (sugarhouse).  Conforming; minimum actual setback is approximately 200' from front yard line.  Shed is located behind house's bulding line.

3.  Richard Dziedzic, 16 Meadow Lane, Wildwood.  Re:  Survey of land at Registry Plan Boox 102, page 43, showing area of easement to be granted by Town of Tolland to Mr. Dziedzic to legalize the existing location of septic field on area of the easement, which pre-existed his purchase of property.  Approval Not required and signed off on by Board as such.

4.  Annual renewl of Board's membership in Massachusetts Federation of Planning and Appeals Boards was approved by the Board, with an authorized expenditure of $60.00 by 2004-2005.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve McAlister

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