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Planning Board Minutes 9/20/2004
        Meeting of 9/20/2004

Meeting called to order by Chairman McAlister at 7:05.

Present:        Steve McAlister
Gertrude McKay
James Joyce
James Deming

Old Business:
Applicant:      Francine Demonstranti
Address:        6 Hamel Drive, Winsted, CT
Location:       Map 410, Lot 5
Deed:           Book 10943, Page 423-424, and Hampden Registry
Description: Renewal of two year Special Permit for Earth Removal
A public hearing was held July 19, 2004.  A site inspection followed, which verified that very little work has been done under the existing project.  The Board agreed that they would like to see the project completed within the next two years, and might not approve a third renewal of this permit.
Action Taken: The Board approved the project by the four votes of the
present under existing guidelines which include bonding, times of operation, etc.  The Board further advised the applicant to finish the project within the two years covered by the renewal.

New Business:
1.      Applicant:      Ed and Libby Zachy
                37 Doan Street
Location:       South Village Road
                Map 119, Lot 3
Description: Request Site Plan Approval for the construction of a house.
Action Taken: As setbacks are conforming on the pre-existing non-conforming lot, Site Plan Approval was granted.  Fee was not determined.

2.      Applicant:      Raymond Skibski
     Location: 590 Colebrook River Road        
        Description: Request Special Permit for an Automotive Repair garage                       attached to his home.
     Action Taken: Public Hearing on the Granting of a Special Permit has been set for October 18th.

  3.   Applicant:      James A. Nugent
Location:       1418 New Boston Road
                        Map 403, lot 24
     Description: Site Plan Approval for two existing sheds.  One is 8 x 10’ the other is 8 x 14 feet.  Both are located in the rear of the house and within the setback requirements.
Action Taken: Site Plan Approval Granted.

3.      Applicant:      Louie Lodovico
Location:       4 Meadow Drive
                Map 116, Lot 9.01
Description: Site Plan Approval for construction of a pole barn on               the North side of his existing house, and a porch across the             West side of his house.
Findings:   This is a pre-existing, non-conforming lot.  The house is               within the rear yard setback and the intended barn will                 create additional non-conformity being in the front yard                setback.  The map shown, is incomplete in that it does not              show two rights of way on this property.  An addition to his             house was built over the main portion of the right away                 which provides the sole access to a beach front lot,                    formerly three lots, now owned by the Town of Tolland.
Action Taken: The Board denied Site Plan Approval.  The applicant can               appeal this application to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

4.      Richard Dzeidzic appeared before the Board concerning his earlier request of an easement over Town property, to legalize the existing location of his septic field installed in 1970.  This matter has been turned over to the Board of Selectmen, who are currently working on this problem.

5.      Verifying Accuracy of Site Plan Drawings: The problem of ascertaining the accuracy of drawing and maps submitted to the Planning Board, was discussed by the members.  In the past, the Planning Board has assumed that the Building Inspector, physically checked measurements on all projects before granting Building Permits.  Since this is not the case, the Planning Board must require drawings certified by licensed engineers or physically verify the accuracy of what they are approving.  Further study will be done on this subject.

6.      Site Plan for Sub-dividing Lot owned by Charles and Sophie Drobek: It was brought to the Board’s attention that a recent Site Plan which we approved for property at 213 Clubhouse Road, Map 411, Lot 21.1, on July 19, 2004, has been used to create an unbuildable or wood lot, now being offered for sale as a buildable lot. A certified letter will be sent to the owners, Charles and Sophie Drobek, instructing them to stop advertising this lot as other than a wood lot, and reminding them, by subdividing this lot from the rest of their property, they have made the remainder of this property, unbuildable.  

Meeting adjourned at 9:27 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gertrude T. McKay

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