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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 9/6/11

Tolland Public Library
Board of Trustees
Meeting Minutes:  September 6, 2011

Present:  Trustees: Penny Babbitt, Jackie Bitso, Gloria Gery, Jessica Kelmelis, and Library Director.  

Call to Order:   The meeting was called to order by Penny Babbitt at 9:05 a.m.

Old Business:

Air Conditioning and Building Insulation:
  • The building insulation upgrade has made the building much tighter.  A fuel oil reduction is expected.
  • A window unit air conditioner that was ordered in April will be picked up at the end of September. Tolland Mountain Builders will install a removable platform.  The unit will be removed in the winter.  It will be installed in the window near the DVD racks. This unit was paid for by donations. Cost:  $600
  • Preliminary landscaping was installed along with soaker hose.  Shrubs purchased at Ward’s of Great Barrington and installed by LaCasse Landscaping.   Mulch installed.  In spring 2012 large Hosta and ornamental grasses will be planted.  $1050 is total cost. Landscaping paid for by donations.
  • Jessica will work with DPW’s Wayne Carr to be sure snow plowing is done to protect new plantings.
eBooks:   Jessica’s research into eBook availability through the library determined:
  • Full CWMARS Library membership is required for Tolland to have full access to eBooks to loan directly to patrons.  $3500 annual cost is prohibitive and not justified.  In addition an expensive and time consuming cataloging of all books is required.
  • Any Tolland resident can obtain a numbered library card from a library that is certified.  Patrons can then download eBooks from any Massachusetts library website that offers them.
  • Jessica will develop an article for the Tattler and News and Notices (to be posted on the library web page) that will explain requirements and options, including local libraries where this service is available.  We will inform patrons of this option and periodically publicize reminders.
  • The distribution system and pricing for eBooks for libraries is still in flux; no action other than the above is appropriate for Tolland at this time.
New Computer:  Installed and operating.  Funded with grant money.

Cultural Council Sponsored Events:  Children’s summer events for Cultural Council sponsored events was very poor (0 attendees and 2 attendees). Many of those selected are either repeats or their programs are not of interest to residents.  There are few children in town whose parents are engaged in these activities.  The Tolland “market” for events is better for adults.  Future library-sponsored events must meet our needs, not be assigned by Cultural Council.  

It was moved, seconded and approved that if the Library Director wishes to initiate specific presenters for events, she will request that they apply to the Cultural Council for funding.  The Library will no longer sponsor events approved by the Cultural Council without our involvement and prior approval.  Jessica will communicate this policy to the Cultural Council.

New Business

New Trustee:  Jackie Bitso was welcomed to the Library Trustees.

Basement Clean Out:  In preparation for document and equipment movement for the Public Safety Complex and Town Hall, the library basement will be emptied.  Historic documents and maps will be moved to Town Hall for storage.  Several chairs and an old Victrola will be used in the library.

Library Statistics:  Tolland Library annual Materials Holding and Circulation statistics were filed with the State as required.  Book circulation is significantly reduced, probably due to the significant increase in eBook Readers by the public.  Video circulation is up.   Library cards issued increased.

The Library continues to play an important and vital role in the community and is well –used .  Its role is changing, however, as technological alternatives proliferate.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 a.m.

Next Meeting:  Monday , December 6, 2011.  9:00 a.m. at the Tolland Public Library.

Respectfully submitted,

Gloria Gery, Trustee

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