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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 11/10/04
Board of Trustees
Tolland Public Library
Meeting Minutes
November 10, 2004

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Chair, Carolyn Locke at 4:15 p.m.

Present:  Carolyn Locke, Gloria Gery and Librarian Jessica Kelmelis

Minutes:  The meeting minutes of August 2, 2004 were approved as written

Old Business:  

Library Sign:  The sign has been ordered from Porcupine Signs and the required down payment made on November 8, 2004.  Sam Wolcott, proprietor, prefers to install the sign himself and will do it at no charge.  Jessica will follow up in December about delivery and installation date.

Outside Bulletin Board:  The new outside bulletin board was delivered and will be installed by John Panaia in November.  A key will be outside where Department Heads and Committee Chairs can access it to post items.  Backup keys will be in the Library and at Town Hall with the Town Clerk and with Carolyn Locke, Chair.  Jessica will inform appropriate people where the key will be.  Jessica will also periodically remove out-dated items.

Parking:  The current angled parking is temporary.  In the spring, the Highway Dept. will improve the base, paint lines on the proper angle to accommodate cars and create a handicapped parking area.  The Trustees requested that Ian McAllister be asked to park his truck so it doesn’t extend into the road; the long truck creates a safety hazard.

Tattler Article for November:  The November Tattler will contain Library news including information about 2004 circulation and visitor data, the Christmas program and thanks to Carol Finnigan for her volunteer work.

Community Service:  Jessica has decided not to use the Library for community service unless students request specific activities that can be supervised during the summer.

Results, Quarterly Reviews and Reporting: Jessica has instituted oral quarterly reviews with staff.  Jessica’s results and activities will be discussed in Trustee meetings.  Each employee has been assigned projects and activities and they are proceeding well.

FY 2004 Reporting:  The ARIS report to the State and the State Aid to Public Libraries FY 2005 Financial Report have been submitted.  Increases were a function of increased communications in the Tattler on the website, the Library Open flag, attractive entrance plantings, and a more active Board of Trustees.  Jessica was congratulated on the result. Highlights for Tolland:
§       Holdings:  5,991 books; 205 Audio and 523 Videos.  Total:  6,720 materials
§       Circulation Date:  1,748 books (up 67% from 1,042 in FY 2003), 37 Audios and 890 Videos (up 3% from 865 in 2003).  
§       Interlibrary Loans:  23 (up 187% from 6 in 2003)
§       Hours Open:  643 (up 7% from 601 from 2003)
§       Attendance in Library:  998 (up 48% from 2004)
§       Number of Library Cards:  273 (up 3% from 2003)

Gloria will determine how to report Tolland website hits to the Library page for next year’s state reports.

New Business

New Library Labeling Systems:  To improve both client access and staff filing accuracy a new set of book and audio/video labels was implemented for Fiction and Video/Audio materials and signage placed on book groupings.  Items are labeled in one or more of the following classifications:  New, Large Print, Rating (for Videos), Mystery. A system for Non Fiction will be developed in 2005.  G and PG videos are in one area and most PG13 and R in another.  Jessica will include this information in the Tattler article.

Policy on Use of the Library by Individuals and Organizations:  A preliminary Library Use Policy was developed to assure appropriate, safe and responsible use of the Library building while protecting Library assets and eliminating schedule conflicts.  Jessica will write up the policy that will include Process for Requesting Use, Application Form, Regulations including naming of a responsible party, clean up, maximum attendance, financial responsibility for damages, etc.  Jessica will base the requirements on the existing Town policy for use of Town Hall.  No use can be approved by any Library or town employee.  At least one Trustee must approve use.  Trustee contact information will be included in the application form.  Trustees will notify the Librarian who will assure no scheduling conflicts and notify the applicant about approval or rejection of the request.

Any Tolland resident or organization is eligible to use the Library.

Holiday Event:  Jessica is organizing an event based on the Grinch that will include crafts, costumes, refreshments and showing the movie, “The Grinch that Stole Christmas”.  Communications will include posters, website and Tattler and handouts on school buses.

Budget Cycle:  Gloria will find out when Library budget for next fiscal year must be submitted to the Finance Committee.

Library Keys:  Library keys are held by John Panaia, Highway Supt. and all Library employees.  Jessica will have keys made for each of the Trustees.

Story Tellers:  Jessica will evaluate professional Story Tellers for a March presentation.  Money is available for the Arts Council.

DVD’s:  Increasing numbers of movies and audio are on DVD’s which are fragile.  Jessica researched the possibility of whether we could make copies and archive the originals.  This is not possible and we will continue to impress the need for careful handling to borrows.  

Next Meeting:  The next meeting will be at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 9, 2005.

Meeting Dismissed:  The meeting ended at 5:25 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gloria Gery, Trustee

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