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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 08/25/03

Call to Order:  Carolyn Locke, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:35 p.m.  All Trustees and Jessica Kelmelis, Librarian attended.

Review of Minutes:  Minutes for the May 19, 2003 meeting were reviewed and the following corrections were made:  (1) Meeting Date for August was changed to August 25th.  (2) Carolyn Locke requested that the Massachusetts Library & Information Network (www.mlin.org0 be provided to the Trustees.

Corrected minutes will be distributed to everyone including the Town Clerk

Old Business:

Tattler Communications:
Jessica reported about the Tattler content.  The Trustees recommended that listings of new books and videos be included in the Tattler.  It was also decided that “new book availability” dates following bookmobile delivery will be included.  Jessica emphasized that the specific bookmobile delivery date not be included because of people’s misconceptions about the bookmobile (i.e. they think they can go into the bookmobile to select books).  In fact, the bookmobile is a delivery stop and cannot be entered by patrons.

Future Tattler content from the Library will include:
·       New book and video acquisitions
·       Dates when new resources from the Bookmobile will be available
·       Circulation figures for prior year
·       A reiteration of library hours

Library Circulation Data:
Circulation data was reviewed for Fiscal Year 2001 – 2002.  Current year data will be available in September.  The following key circulation figures were noted and a discussion ensued with positive views of circulation statistics expressed.
Books:    Adult – 960           Children’s - 238
Videos and other Media:  996

Massachusetts Library & Information Network
Jessica provided a brochure on available services and will email access information to the Trustees.  Improving awareness of this remote-access option from  home or the Tolland Library was recommended (i.e. through the Tattler and on any future website.

Tolland Library Website
Gloria Gery updated the Trustees about a broader town initiative to develop a Tolland website sponsored by the Selectmen.  Town Department Heads will be presented with information about, a service which structures, populates and hosts small town websites for a $500 setup fee and a $100 per month operation cost.  The service includes email template-based update mechanisms so non-technical people can maintain content. Gloria Gery will represent the Library at the September 4th department head meeting.

Bill McKay demonstrated a prototype he had developed using his Earthlink ISP and recommended the town see the options that vgernet, the Tolland ISP, provides to be certain that viable and affordable alternatives have been considered.

Library Budget

The Library budget was discussed in view of the Town spending freeze.  Jessica was notified by a letter from Selectmen that no money can be spent on supplies or maintenance until further written notice.  She is still able to spend State money since that is not impacted by the freeze.  Jessica distributed the budget she submitted which has been “cut to the bone”.  Trustees were informed about the Town payment of electricity, phone, outside maintenance, etc. so the budget basis is clear.   

Library hourly salary figures are now $11.00 (Librarian) and $8.50 (Circulation person).  Jessica proposed upgrades from the $7.00 per hour salary four years ago.  The Trustees will review those recommendations for the next fiscal year budget.

In February 2004 Jessica will present her proposed 2004-2005 budget to the Trustees before submitting it to the Selectmen in March.

State Certification for Library Funds

State money is available based on Library certification.  Certification is based on the number of hours open (i.e. a minimum of ten hours a week with some evening hours), librarian with Bachelor’s degree, and other requirements.  The budget be decreased more than ten percent or a waiver is required.  Tolland has never requested such a waiver and only approximately ten are granted by the State annually.  These criteria must be considered when submitting future budgets.

Budget information provided to the State includes costs for operations (heat, electricity, etc.) even though those are not a part of the budget submitted to the town.

Annual circulation numbers are maintained and submitted to the State in September of each year.

Black Fly Day Book Sale
No books were put out for sale on Black Fly Day due to rain.

New Business

Duties of Trustees:  Bill McKay distributed a document published by the Western Massachusetts Regional Library System entitled Trustee duties and Responsibilities for Trustee review and records.

Future Meetings:
Monday, December 15, 2003 at 4:30 p.m. at the Library
Monday, February 9th at 4:30 p.m. at the Library

Respectfully Submitted:

Gloria Gery, Trustee

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