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Finance Committee Minutes 1/9/2006
Finance Committee Meeting
January 9, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 6:45 p.m. by Eric Munson, Jr.  

In attendance were Ralph Ledger, Ted Locke, David Barney, Margaret McClellan, Mira Munson, James Demming, Wesley Greene, and Eric R. Munson, Jr.

Margaret McClellan reviewed the FY06 YTD Expense Budget Report (1/9/06), a FY06 YTD Report on the Enterprise Fund, a  2006 Schedule of Town meetings including the Finance Committee, and the current Budget Request Form for FY 2007.

Current expenses were in line at the six months period with the exception of planning board expenses (95%), fuel (102%), utilities (55%), Tattler (60%), and medicare ins. (116%).  Winter roads had reached 48%of budget and one salt bill needed to be added for December.   Questions were asked relating to the 2007 Expense budget about positive and negative amounts of money that were carried over by the Selectmen into 2006 from 2005.  It was decided that since an override vote had turned down an expense for an audit that the money ($7,500.00) carried into this account should go to a special town meeting for approval.  

The Enterprise Fund seemed to be on target but purchase of new bags would use up most of the current balance.  The dump committee will review the figures and determine next steps partly based on their recommendations for 2007.

The Town Meetings Schedule for all departments was slightly revised with Margaret.  It was noted that the Budget Hearing would be earlier – April 24 – and the Town Meeting earlier – May 15, 2006.  This would allow time for overrides and hopefully completion of the new budget for July 1, 2006.  The timing means, however, that all Departments will have to move faster on their budgets.

The Budget Request Form for Fiscal Year 2007 was reviewed.  It was agreed a cover letter should go out with the form with the following content:
·       The deadline for return of the budget as February 10, 2006
·       A request for  back-up detail sheets( attached to budget request form) for categories that have large numbers or need explanation
·       A comment requesting department heads to request an meeting with the committee if they wish to review their budget with us.  The committee itself will request some department heads to meet but it was to be clear that anyone could request a meeting by calling Margaret to get scheduled.

The Selectmen and Finance Committee then divided up the Departments as listed by Margaret on her Budget Sheets Distribution List.  Each member  assigned a department was to meet with that department head to fully understand their budget and be prepared to address it or help with it at the Town Meeting if necessary.  The division was as follows:

1.      Selectmen – Selectmen
2.      Treasurer – Margaret
3.      Highway Dept. – Jim Demming
4.      Town Clerk – Mira
5.      Assessors – Ted
6.      Library – Wes
7.      Fire Chief – Wes
8.      Police Chief – Ralph
9.      Administrative Assistant –Margaret
10.     Tax Collector – Margaret
11.     Health Agent – David
12.     Historical Committee Chairman – Eric
13.     Animal Inspector/Enterprise Fund – David
14.     Tattler – Margaret
15.     Zoning Board – David
16.     Recreation Committee – Margaret
17.     Planning Board – Jim Demming
18.     Council on Aging – Mira
19.     Conservation Commission – David

Margaret reported that the Planning Board was not going to have enough money for their work on the new zoning by-laws.  It was decided to add an item to the special town meeting ( for carryover of audit money to 06) to request money be transferred from another account for their anticipated expenses.  Margaret agreed to check out the needed amount more carefully.  We discussed taking the money from the Fire Dept. account as they did not spend all the money carried over into 06 for purchases made late in 05.  

The next meeting of the Finance Committee was scheduled for February 13, 2006 at 6:00 pm.  

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.

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