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Finance Committee Minutes 02/16/05
Finance Committee Meeting
Town of Tolland, MA

February 16, 2005
Minutes revised March 6, 2005

In Attendance: Ralph Ledger, Mira Munson, Ted Locke, Margaret McClelland, Eric Munson, Jr. and Wes Greene.

Absent: David Barney and James Deming

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Ralph Ledger, Chair.

Department budgets were distributed to all present.

It was decided that we would begin by reviewing department budgets that showed significant increases over 04-05.

Highway Dept.

John has requested another full time worker which the salary budget reflects. He felt the amount of work needed required at least three workers – the amount of roadwork needed is extensive.  He noted that most if not all surrounding towns have more employees than Tolland.

John reported that our screening plant is 20 years old and he would like to buy one (new in 2003) for about $60,000 that is more efficient doing several types of gravel and doing more tasks – thus resulting in more for fewer manhours.

John also said he would like to get an excavator ( new in 2002) for about $70,000.

It was requested that John provide the committee with a list of vehicles and major equipment owned by the Town Highway Dept. ( including the year of purchase) by the next meeting.

Town Trash Disposal (Budget #5)

The committee reviewed the budget presented by the Trash Disposal Committee.

It was noted that the Tunxis Club disposes of recyclables and therefore should pay some sort of fee.

Police Dept. ( Budget #30)

Increase in salaries reflects increased hours not increases in hourly rates.  Current salary budget does not allow for equal amount of patrolling all year.

Remainder of budget same as last year except supplies ( 3 radios).  Wes will talk to the Police Chief to see if these are all necessary in one year.  Everyone felt the ability to communicate effectively was important.

The Committee then dealt with other business:

We will ask the Town to approve the purchase of a plow truck at the March Special Meeting.  Payments for this truck will be reflected in the 2007 as it takes at least 8 months to get the truck.  Margaret will get the exact figures we will need to borrow and what the terms would be.

The Finance Committee voted unanimously to take $ 960.00 out of free cash to pay Whalley for a new computer for the assessors.   This will have to go to the special town meeting in March.  The money would then go into the reserve fund in order to pay the bill.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting of the Finance Committee and Selectmen will be March 2, 2005 at 6:00 p.m.  The agenda will include:

·       Discussion of Dump Budget with Joanne Duval
·       Discussion of Police Budget ( with report from Wes about discussion with Eric)
·       Discussion of Fire Dept. Budget with Mark Bredenforder, Chief
·       Discussion of Technology Budget

Respectfully submitted,

Mira K. Munson

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