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Finance Advisory Committee By-Law
Section 1       There shall be an advisory committee consisting of five (5) members, one of whom shall be the Town Treasurer, all shall reside in the town, and shall be registered voters thereof.  The selectmen in office after the annual meeting in 1975, within seven days after the final adjournment of said meeting, shall appoint one member to said committee for a term of three years, and one member for a term of one year, the terms of said members to expire at the final adjournment of the annual town meeting in the years 1978, 1977, and 1976 respectively.  Thereafter within seven days of the final adjournment of each annual town meeting the selectmen shall appoint one member to said committee to serve until the final adjournment of the third annual meeting after their appointment.

Section 2         Whenever a vacancy shall occur during any year in the     
membership of the advisory committee, the selectmen shall have the power to fill such vacancy and a member so chosen shall serve until the final adjournment of the next annual meeting.  Within seven days after final adjournment of each annual  town meeting, the selectmen shall appoint a successor to serve the remaining term of each member whose office has been so vacated, in the same manner as the original appointment.

Section 3       It shall be the duty of the advisory committee to investigate the cost of maintenance and expenditures of all town departments and to report to each town meeting its recommendations as to all articles in the warrant involving the expenditure of money or disposition of any property of the town.
Original approved Special Town Meeting May 13, 1974 Article 1
Approved by Attorney General May 31, 1974
Amended to 5 members Special Town Meeting January 17, 1979 Article 2
Amendment approved by Attorney General April 2, 1979

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