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Board of Assessors Minutes 02/21/2006

Town of Tolland
Board of Assessors Meeting Minutes
February 21, 2006

Opened at: 1:00pm

In attendance: Susan Voudren    
                Jessica Kelmelis


Minutes from December were read and accepted.

Let it be noted that during the month between January 17 and February 17 of 2006, Susan Voudren was in Romania and Susan Moore remained in Florida. All of the following decisions were discussed and voted on via email:
·       The Board of Assessors voted unanimously to raise the rate for undevelopable land from $200 per acres to the DOR recommended $425 in all neighborhoods and rate groups.
·       The Board of Assessors voted unanimously to lower the rate for class 1 residual land in rate group 2 from $1925 per acres to $850 and class 1 residual land in rate group 9 from $1100 to $850 in line with the rest of Tolland’s neighborhoods.
·       The Board Unanimously voted to lower the rate for residual land in rate group 4 from $9900 to $4950 per acre so that Otis Proper and Wildwood Proper would be in line.

Three motor vehicle commitments were viewed and signed.

Abatement for Property located at 288 Harvey Mountain Road per Appellate Tax Board Ruling reviewed and signed.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:30pm

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