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Board of Assessors Minutes 3/22/05

Town of Tolland
Board of Assessors Meeting Minutes
March 22, 2005

Opened at 7:00 p.m.

In Attendance: Susan Voudren, Chair.
                  Jessica Kelmelis

Read and signed minutes of Feb. 10th and Feb 28th, 2005, meetings.

Re:  "Telecommunication Loop Hole", communication from MMA (Mass. Municipal Assoc.) this is a "Kit" for Assessors.  The MMA is working with the MAAO on this.  The MMA is looking for a contact person from each town.  Sue V. suggested that this might be a project that Sue Moore would like to handle.  Jessica agreed and will make a copy of the Kit to Sue M. to look over and see if this is something she would like to do.

Re:  Donald Ashe sent a letter; he is looking for a current street listing by street including parcel ID, values, book, page and many other fields.  His letter states that it can be provided in any format.  Jessica will call his office and see what format they prefer since we can provide the information in many different formats.

Reviewed and signed Motor Vehicle abatements

Reviewed and signed Personal Property abatements.

Reviewed and signed contract with Cartographics for map maintenance from 2004 deeds of $1,500.  Paperwork to Treasurer to put on warrant to pay.

Request for bid for Contractors for Revaluation.  Only one contract received so far from Roy Bishop Associates for ($7,700).  The contract appears to be very thorough, Sue V. suggested that we send copy to Adam to review to be sure that it is covering the entire scope of what we need to have done.  Also, a copy will be forwarded to Sue Moore for her information.  One of the other contractors, Gus Martin, called last week to get some information about the Town to help him put together his request for quote.  Jessica will contact all others who were send a quote and see if they have any questions and find out if they are going to respond.

Letter was requested and received from the Town Clerk certifying that the Town did vote in M.G.L. Chapter 59 Sec 2A, attached.

Meeting adjourned 9:00 p.m.

Tolland Board of Assessors

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