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Monthly Report *Calls*

Date and Time
Call Type
April 6, 2016 2pm-4pm
Brush Fire
Mutual Aid Sandisfield
April 9, 2016 4:47 to 5:15
Fire Alarm Activation
Beetle Road, Tolland
April 17, 2016 3am to 11:00
Brush Fire
Mutual Aid West Hartland CT
April 17, 2016 3:30 to 6:30
Brush Fire
East Otis Rd, Tolland
April 27,2016 8:55 to 9:15
Fire Alarm Activation
Clubhouse Rd, Tolland
April 30, 2016 1:40am to 4am
Brush Fire
Mutual Aid Sandisfield
Monthly Report *Training*

Training Date
Training Type
April 5, 2016
Brush Truck  Training
Twelve Personnel
April 12, 2016
Pumper Training
Eleven Personnel
April 19, 2016
Equipment Maintenance
Ten Personnel
April 26, 2016
Suicide Prevention
Nine Personnel

April was a busy month for the firemen with several large brush fires! Two were on the same day. The first was in West Hartland CT just over the border and consumed roughly fifty acres. Tolland firemen were toned out at 3am and did not return until 11am and then spent about an hour and a half getting the equipment back in order and getting the trucks ready for the next call. Well the next call came about an hour and a half later when we were again dispatched to the corner of East Otis Rd and Belden Rd for an out of control brush fire. This fire consumed roughly 5 to 6 acres and was brought under control with the help of units from Sandisfield, Otis and Granville Fire Departments while West Hartland returned the favor and covered Tolland station in case another emergency arose. This was similar to the early morning fire the same day when over a dozen towns from two states responded to the early morning fire in West Hartland.
Mutual Aid is a necessary element of fire departments in Western Massachusetts and North West Connecticut. With large coverage areas and not a lot of firemen we rely on each other to provide assistance with firefighters and equipment. Tolland has a great mutual aid relationship with Granville and Sandisfield as well as Otis and Blandford and just over the past several years has developed a good working relationship with both West and East Hartland. This is due to Captain Jeff LaCasse having grown up in West Hartland and knows many of the firefighters which helped form a relationship with our neighbors to the South.
Tolland is in good shape as far as fire fighters go we have a good group of fourteen firefighters who train hard and are always ready to gout when called out. Of course we could always use more and would encourage anyone interested in learning more to stop by the firehouse on any Tuesday night around 6:30pm to see what it is all about. I have been on the department for 28 years and have made some great friends over the years and feel all of the firemen are a part of my family. We have jobs for everyone because we know not everyone wants to run into a burning building or climb up on roofs that have fire shooting out underneath you.
We have support jobs, truck driving jobs (we will train) and general support jobs which could entail helping move equipment around or even handing out water and some snacks to hot and tired firefighters. If this interests you please come see us!  And by the way the job also comes with great pay and benefits.

Until next month.
Chief Munson

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