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Board of Selectmen's Minutes 07/11/16

Board of Selectmen
Town of Tolland


Selectmen Present:        Eric R. Munson, Jr., Steven DellaGiustina and Thomas Paine

Also Present:     Joanne Duval, Animal Control Officer
                         Ted Locke, Finance Committee Chairman
                         Eric Munson, III, Fire Chief
                         Ed Deming, Police Chief & DPW Superintendent
                         Kevin Donovan, Broadband Committee

Board of Selectmen discussed additional hours for the Transfer Station. Hours currently are Sunday 3PM-7PM (Summer) 3PM-5PM (Winter), Wednesday 5PM-7PM and Saturday 9AM-11AM.  Possible new hours Sunday 3PM-7PM (Summer) 3PM-5PM (Winter), Tuesday 5PM-7PM, Thursday 5PM-7PM and Saturday 9AM-11AM. Ed will discuss the possible change with Jeff.

Joanne informed the board that a “dog shed” had been ordered and will have to be located at a place where there is power and a water source

Joanne as Animal Control Officer, filed a formal complaint of Dangerous Dog per Chapter 140 Section 157 of a dog owned and kept by Robert Silsby and Margie Silsby of 325 Jeff Miller Road. The Silsbys are the owner and currently keepers of a dog named Addie.

Addie was involved in a bite incident on Jeff Miller Road on July 1, 2016. The victim was Jennifer Zerra of 365 Jeff Miller Road. Joanne felt that this situation, causing injury and showing behavior that would place a reasonable person in fear of unjustified imminent threat of injury or death in the future.

This complaint is being made so the Selectboard can hold a hearing to determine if Addie is a “dangerous dog” and determine if the complaint, deem the dog a nuisance dog and issue an order to remediate the nuisance or deem the dog a dangerous dog and issue orders as listed under MGL 140 Section 157.

A hearing is scheduled for Thursday, July 14th at 7:30 at the Tolland Town Hall..

Eric Munson, III, Fire Chief explained why the Fire Department expense account was in a deficit for Fiscal 2016. Eric stated that he had unforeseen truck repairs. Steven stated that in the future before making the repairs without having them budgeted for that he meet with the Selectmen and/or Finance Committee.

Kevin invited the board to attend a MBI meeting on Thursday, July 21st at 4PM the purpose of the meeting is to discuss “Tolland’s Readiness Assessment process”.

The Board of Selectmen approved of a “Social Media Policy”

Ed has scheduled Northern tree to remove trees in town and would like direction as to what to do with the trees? Joanne Duval will contact the local Boys Scouts to see if they are interested. If not they are to be place at the DPW garage.

One quote was received for the Windows and siding at the Tolland Public Library. That quote was SS Improvements in the amount of $45,022.52.

Per MGL Chapter 32B (goods and services) Procurement Act $35,000 or more the project must go out for bid.

  • Account transferred from:      10162.00  Meetings and Elections
     Amount requested:                 $103.88
     Account to be transferred to:  10161.01 Town Clerk

  • Account transferred from:     10146.03  Tax Coll Tax Title Exp.
Amount requested:                $628.51
Account to be transferred to:  10145.04 Treasurer Tax Title

Account transferred from:      10122.01 Selectmen’s Expense
Amount request:                     $311.25
Account to be transferred to:  20425.00

  • Account transferred from:      70250.00  Animal Control Expense
     Amount requested:                 $1.00
     Account to be transferred to:  30000.01 Southwick/Tolland Reg Sch

  • Account transferred from:      20422.00  Public Works
     Amount requested:                 $860.98
     Account to be transferred to:  60210.08 Police Dept. Salary

  • Account transferred from:      20422.00  Public Works
     Amount requested:                 $131.47
     Account to be transferred to:  90912.00 Workers Compensation Ins

  • Account transferred from:      10131.01 finance Committee Expense
     Amount requested:                 $.12
     Account to be transferred to:  10145.00 (.04) Treasurer Salary
                                                     10146.00 (.04) Tax Collector Salary
                                                           10147.00 (.04) Accounting Officer Salary)
          The amount will be used to cover the Fiscal 2016 short fall.

  • Account transferred from:      90192.08  Fuel
Amount requested:                 $1,170.00
Account to be transferred to: 10142.00  Assessors Reval
          Account closed out in error to FREE CASH at Fiscal 2015 year

Meeting adjourned at 8:00PM
Respectfully submitted,
Margaret McClellan

Eric R. Munson, Jr.  
Steven DellaGiustina   
Thomas Paine  
Board of Selectmen

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