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Planning Board Minutes 06/22/09
Meeting of 6/22/2009

Present:        James Deming
Jason Smith
Jeffrey LaCasse
Thomas Paine
Gertrude McKay

Meeting was called to order by Chairman James Deming at 7:05

Old Business:

  • Minutes for the meetings of 4/27/2009 and 5/18/2009 were approved as written.
  • The application for a Special Permit by  Bell Atlantic Mobile of Massachusetts Corp. Ltd d/b/a Verizon Wireless to construct a 150 foot monopole Cell Tower on leased land located at Map 412, Lot #3 on the South side of West Granville Road, near the Tolland/Granville border, was discussed.  A Special Hearing was held on May 18, 2009, at which time no one spoke in opposition to the project.
  • A special condition that Verizon comply with MDC regulations regarding fuel was added to the application.
  • The Board approved the application unanimously with the amendment added.  Verizon must use propane as its on-site fuel.
  • Chairman Deming will draft a letter of approval, and send it to members of the Planning Board for their comments.
  • Gloria Gery, Chair of the committee that drafted Tolland’s Cell Tower regulations (the PWSF section of our Bylaw) and Chair of the committee that drafted the revision of Tolland’s entire Zoning Bylaw, appeared with Jeffery Parrette, a member of both of these committees and a resident of Harvey Mountain Road, to discuss their concerns about Verizon’s plans for constructing a telecommunications tower at 288 Harvey Mountain Road, (Map 40, Lot 18.1).  Their concerns are:
  • The need for an expert Engineering Consultant
  • Gloria Gery had identified Tighe and Bond, as potential expert consultants on coverage areas.
  • Chairman Deming stated that he has not yet contacted Tighe and Bond, but has asked Town Counsel to look into procedures for notifying the applicant that the Planning Board would be hiring consultants at their expense.
  • The need for a professional stenographer to record Planning Board minutes and Public Hearing proceedings on PWSF matters
  • Gloria Gery and Jeffrey Parrette explained that Section VIII was in part drafted to transfer to the applicant, the burden and cost of the requirement for obtaining “substantial evidence contained in a written record” to conform with Federal Law pertaining to PWSF’s.
  • Gertrude McKay, Secretary of Tolland’s Planning Board, requested that a professional stenographer be hired to record the minutes for Public Hearings for PWSF applications.
  • The information waivers requested by Verizon, and in particular those relative to Section VIII.F.5.b.(i) and (ii),  imply that Verizon intends to bypass substantial portions of the site selection justification required in our current bylaw.
  • Chairman Deming stated that the waivers have already been granted.
  • Although Chairman Deming does not think that granting the information waivers endorsed the implication made, that position would be noted in any written response to the applicant.
  • Chairman Deming stated that Verizon Wireless would be applying for Variances from the Zoning Board of Appeals for their Cell Tower project at 288 Harvey Mountain Road, before making application to the Planning Board for a Special Permit.  Both Gloria Gery and Chairman Deming offered the opinion that this is an inappropriate process and that legal counsel should be sought.

New Business:

  • John W. Jr. and Cynthia Saulenas, of 83 Pinewood Drive (Map 102, Lot 29), requested Site Plan approval for the addition of a 24’ x 34’ barn/garage.  As all setbacks will be met, the Site Plan was approved unanimously.
  • Robert and Jacqueline Bitso, of 288 Harvey Mountain Road (Map 421, Lot 18.1), requested Site Plan approval for a 14’-6” x 12’ shed.  As all set bacvks will be met, the Site Plan was approved unanimously.
  • Barbara L. Campbell, of 1327 Burt Hill Road (Map 402, Lot 10), requested Site Plan approval for an ANR Subdivision of two lots.
  • The Subdivision Plans were incomplete as drawn.  They do not show the frontage and size of the remaining parcel.
  • Site Plan approval could not be given until corrected plans are submitted.

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gertrude T. McKay

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