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Planning Board Minutes 5/18/2009
Meeting of 5/18/2009

Present:        James Deming
Jason Smith
Jeffrey LaCasse
Thomas Paine
Gertrude McKay
Richard Pustinger

Public Hearing called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chairman James Deming for the purpose of discussion and comment on a request by Bell Atlantic Mobile of Massachusetts  Corp., Ltd d/b/a  Verizon Wireless .  The purpose of the special permit is for the construction of a 150’ monopole cellular tower, to be placed within a 50’ x 50’ fenced area on leased land located at map 412, Lot # 3 on the South side of West Granville Road, near the Tolland/Granville border.

  • Ellen Freyman, attorney with Shatz, Schwartz and Fentin, P.C. introduced speakers  representing Verizon Wireless.
  • Carlous Santoros  discussed the Site Plan
  • The leased site will be 290 feet from the nearest property line.
  • The access drive will be 450 feet long, using 65 feet of existing logging trails.  It will be paved because of the grade.
  • 43 trees having a diameter of 8 feet or more, will be removed, 23 from the access drive and 20 from the fenced in area.
  • The fenced area will be enclosed by a chain link fence and will contain a 12’ x 30’ shelter in addition to a 60 KW diesel generator and the 150’ monopole.
  • Power will be supplied underground, along the access road.
  • A drainage study has been completed, and a drainage swail will be provided to eliminate washouts onto Route 57.
  • 15 antennas will be added to the top of the monopole.
  • Maria Montrose, a RF Engineer with Verizon Wireless indicated that the tower would carry Personal Communication Services as well as Cellular Services, thereby increasing flexibility.
  • Maria stated that Verizon Wireless does not use repeaters as they interfere with GPS location findings for 911 emergency calls.
  • Dean Gustufson discussed the comprehensive wetlands report that was completed in December 2008.  Some sections of the access road border, but do not intrude into the wetlands protection area.
  • Michael Koperwhats, a Planner for Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc., a Transportation, Land Development, and Environmental Services company, discussed the following:
  • The balloon test, which showed visibility from Route 57 for a short distance.
  • Landscaping, which because of the forest cover and distance  from and elevation above Rt. 57, he does not think will be necessary; will be provided, if required by the Board.  Landscaping surrounding the chain link fence will be provided.
  • Ellen Freyman supplied the following information:
  • Verizon will be willing to locate Tolland Town Services on the tower at no charge to the Town.
  • A Sound study was completed which found that the sound produced by the facility will not exceed 47 dba. at the property line.  ( i.e., Route 57).
  • Verizon has requested a waiver of the height requirement that a Tower be no more than 20’ feet above the average tree canopy in a 150’ radius of the tower (Section VIII.G.6.b).
  • Verizon asked that they be allowed to change antennas via a Building permit process, rather than via a Special Permit application which must go thru the Planning Board.
  • Verizon has asked to delay supplying landscaping information until they are prepared to apply for their building permit
  • Chairman Deming verified that Notices of this Public Hearing were sent to all abuting property owners, adjoining Towns, the Tolland Fire Department, Tolland Board of Health and the Tolland Highway Superintendent.
The Public Hearing was adjourned at 7:56 p.m.

The Regular Meeting of the Planning Board was called to order at 7:57 p.m.

Old Business:

  • Daniel Finnegan, Attorney for SBA Network Services, Inc., which has been awarded the cell tower project to be sited at 162 Colebrook River Road, (Map 410, Lot 14), by the Town of Tolland, , appeared for a Preliminary Hearing of SBA’s application.  SBA requested the following 12 waivers.
  • Section VIII.F.4.g and h.  Waiver of property owner information and consent, plus site visitation consent.  Waiver #1 granted.
  • Section VIII.F.4.l.  Request that the Noise emissions study and testimony, not require services of an acoustical engineer, unless a viable concern is raised at the Public Hearing.  Waiver #2 granted.
  • Section VIII.F.5.a.I, ii and iii., Section VIII.F.5.b.i and ii, Section VIII.F.5.e.  As this site was pre-chosen by the Tolland Board of Selectmen,  they request a waiver on research for alternative sites.  Waivers #3, 4 and 5 granted.
  • Section VIII.F.5.g.iii.  Request reduction in area in which trees with diameters greater than 12” must be identified on the plan from a 200’ radius of the tower to an area defined only as “trees within the vicinity of the tower”.  Waiver #6 granted.
  • Section VIII.F.5.h.ii.  Delay requested in supplying spot elevations at base of the tower and corners of all auxiliary structures, until Building Permit application is made.  Waiver #7 granted.
  • Section VIII.F.5.h.iii.  Although utilities, which will be run underground will be shown in their approximate location, request is made that exact location be determined by contractor prior to filing building permit.  Waiver #8 granted.
  • Section VIII.F.5.i.iii.  Request delay in details of Tower foundation until construction drawings submitted to Building Inspector.  Waiver #9 granted.
  • Section  Request that the engineers will provide structural information at the time of the Public Hearing.  Waiver #10 granted as modified.
  • Section VIII.5j.i.  Request drawings of cross sections of equipment shelters be submitted with the construction drawings.  Waiver #11 granted.
  • Section VIII.5.k.  Specific information about antennae will be submitted at time of hearing.  Waiver #12 granted as modified.  
  • They previously requested a single, joint hearing with the Planning Board and Zoning Board of appeals.  This request has been denied.  
New Business:

  • Jeff and Terri LaCasse of 1064 Colebrook River Road, Map 401, lot 34, applied for Site Plan approval of a 8’ x 12’ chicken coup.
  • Jeff LaCasse reclused himself from the discussion and voting.
  • As all setbacks will be met, the application was approved unanimously by the remaining quorum of members.
  • Francis W. Deming et al, of 1304 New Boston Road, Map 403, lot 36-1, applied for Site Plan approval of a 10’ x 12’ Garden Shed.
  • James Deming recused himself from the discussion and voting.
  • As all setbacks will be met, the application was approved unanimously by the remaining quorum of members.

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gertrude T. McKay

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